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FW22: Activewear

It is becoming more apparent that female sport is booming. The focus on wellness and fitness is closely linked to the desire to find meaning and purpose in life and to improve psychological and physical well-being. The enthusiasm surrounding female sports has begun to turn professional female athletes into inspiring figures and activists. Those women fight injustice, not only through their standing within a male dominated world, but they equally stand for inclusion. Sportswomen inhabit an authenticity that makes them ideal candidates for campaigns or partnerships and/or to collaborate with on collections. Their loyalty and value set engages consumers and creates a more connected and honest brand story. Make sure to consider this publicity approach for future collection drops.

Fashionable Function

Balancing movement, sustainability, individuality and mindfulness is key for FW22 activewear collections. The accelerated fusion of fashion and activewear is the result of new, fluid lifestyles. Working-out during lunch breaks or after work, exercising indoors and seeking for outdoor experiences, all of those versified needs make activewear a focal product for FW22 ranges. Therefore, pieces are seeking for functionality, yet they are looking towards the fashion sphere for inspiration. With comfort as a given and fashionability as a focus, versatility becomes key. The comfort loungewear of the pandemic has already started to bridge those components. For FW22 it is important to push this flexible approach and dress up the sportswear scene.

Brands to watch

Aesthetic Trends

Gentle Simplicity

The need for reassurance and purpose is surfacing more minimal and mindful designs. Subtle color palettes with soft and earthy tones, as well as a focus on natural dyes, are resonating a more renown and inclusive look. The shift towards balanced lifestyles and harmonious spaces is translating into more simplified shapes and a focus on thoughtful design details.

This trend is related to the Macrosentiment REFUGE.

Smart Retro

While nostalgia and thrifting aesthetics are impacting RTW ranges for FW22, activewear is nourished by the same trend as well. Especially the 60s and 70s seem to ignite this sleek retro sports-club style. Authentic colorpalettes and a prepped-up look are key here. This trend aims at adding a smart twist to activewear ranges and assures consumers through a sense of familiarity.

This trend is related to the Macrosentiment HOPE.


FW21 runways dove deep into the dreamlands of ski-resorts and winter holidays. Activewear is crucial to translate this vacation story into a collection. Not only does this trend seek for classical sports details, like contrasting stripes and inserts, it also focuses on a very sleek finish, that makes pieces ready for performance and party.

This trend is related to the Macrosentiment FATIGUE.

Futuristic Rave

Moving to the future. The spirit of innovation has taken a hold of activewear. The technicolors of the previous FW21 shows have shown how to embrace innovation and optimism equally. With boosting positivity, futuristic styles are enabling sportswomen to empower their strength, indoors and outdoors, and through a maximum of visionary qualities embedded within the garments.

This trend is related to the Macrosentiment IMAGINATION


The Cropped Longsleeve

Credits: The Benjamins, Live The Process, Bala, FreePeople Movement, Live The Process

The Anatomic Modular Style

Credits: FreePeople Movement, Ph5,Stella McCartney, For Love and Lemons, Sweaty Betty

The Bodysuit

Credits: FreePeople Movement, Bala, The Girlfriend Collective, Zara, FreePeople Movement

The Upgraded Sportsbra

Credits: For Love and Lemons, Ernest Leroy, FreePeople Movement, Zara, FreePeople Movement

The Waist-Length Bra

Credits: Asos, Stella McCartney, Vaara, Cotton Project, Zara

The Luxury Full-Look

Credits: Live the Process, Cashmere in Love, Live the Process, Twenty, Frankie Shop

The Fleece Sweater

Credits: FreePeople Movement, Calvin Klein Jeans, Girlfriend Collective, P.E. Nation, FreePeople Movement

Easing-up collection assortments

As seen above, there are some leading aesthetic trends shaping the activewear environment at the moment. Gentle Simplicity resonates a sense of calm and grounding, while Smart Retro embraces the key look of currently trending vintage styles. There is the Futuristic Rave look, that embarks on curiosity and technology, while Ski Resort themes inspire versatile and gently retro design, that recall comfort and luxury.

Regarding the hero pieces for FW22, it can be said that the influence of RTW on activewear is gaining momentum and becoming evermore visible. Cropped Long-sleeves, Modular Designs and Reworked Bralettes are translating fashion details, such as cut-outs, layering, trimming bands and drapes. The Bodysuit and Waist-length Top focus on a bodycon silhouette and enhance the female body shape. With female empowerment and inclusivity as current subjects of discussion, those pieces are adding a layer of meaning and social purpose. Next to that, the familiar Loungewear Set of the pandemic has become a staple and seeks for subtle premium upgrades in FW22. While the relevance of Fleece Sweatshirts is not only linked to the current rise of the fabric as a trend material, but also because the idea of moving from indoors to outdoors easily is becoming more relevant.

Make sure to check the Trendfeed for all the Information on RTW Trends, which are going to be useful to further inspire the more fashion-driven activewear styles for FW22.