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FW22 Macrotrend: HOPE

A period of change comes with uncertainty. HOPE is now becoming the main driver to lift the spirits and empower people. Radical reforms have been the result of ignited hope during the Covid-Crisis. The idea that tomorrow can be different has certainly affected society. New attitudes have questioned the things that we constitute for wealth, as well as our societal structures, political systems and our responsibilities towards nature and the planet. With more solidarity in mind and with a new appreciation for the unique, the world is now over-turning its understanding of community, and building a community 3.0. Such a society celebrates the mere core of humanity and its based on our shared origins. Unpretentious and authentic are now the keywords favored by a seemingly more enlightened generation. Mainly driven by Millenials and Gen-Z, thinking outside the box, re-inventing the old system, is getting consumers ready to recreate society from the ground up. People are ready to embark on the journey of challenge and bring peace and happiness to the people.

Hope ignites optimism and unleashes the capacities to re-invent the core. The idea of reworking can either be projected on the community or on the self for this macro sentiment. The SITUATIONIST is concentrating on building conscious networks and explore. He tries to connect with people and improve the life on the planet. His solidarity-driven mindset embraces the concepts of sharing and of acting with intent. Situationists are part of the digital-nomads, who use the power of digital connection to establish voices. New voices that spread hope and love. On the other hand, the hopeful focus is turned inwards as well. Consequently, the LIBERATED consumer engages in confidence-building activities surrounding freedom of identity and the acknowledgement of personal pleasures. This consumer has left the pandemic feeling highly empowered and has used the time to grow confident and stronger. Now, unbiased norms regarding the individual and possible defaults increasingly celebrate uniqueness and creativity. Embracing flaws and loving the self is continuing to drive new understandings for aesthetics and bold speaking.

Trend Directions: The Situationist

The „Globalizer“ Trend builds on consumer profiles like the SITUATIONISTS. Exploring the planet and re-building new and conscious networks manifests the core of this client. This mindset demands them to engage and step outside the door. Their new appreciation for people and the planet results in a mood for culture and the desire to live anywhere and to do better. Yearning for improvement, the Globalizer trend is putting focus on practicality and purpose. Protecting nature, while being protected within nature is key here. Utilitarian elements are becoming more important. At the same time, the strongly connected lifestyle of Situationists results in a wide array of design influences. Such may include traditional and heritage craft, as well as innovative and more conscious materials. The result is a patchwork of ideas and styles, which altogether merge into a unified and more organic world.

Key Looks

Looking at the specific garments, the Globalizer story incorporates a broad range of outdoors-inspired pieces. The look certainly reflects a new understanding of design-aesthetics and embraces sustainability as a driving-force. Recycling and up-cycling are key elements of such new styles. Color-ranges are anchored within nature’s greens and incorporates grounding browns and khakis for a utilitarian look. The rest of the palette constitutes of an inclusive rainbow of colors. The bright staples are boosting the energies and supporting the positive and enchanted spirit of the Situationist. For materials, traditional weavings, trims or print designs, mean a slightly nomadic spirit is added to the looks. Silhouettes are building upon unisex shapes, as inclusivity of gender and size also feed into the concept of solidarity. Accessories inherit a vital position in adding an explorer-feel to the looks. Outdoors boots, crafty elements, hats and furry elements are cultural to twist the pieces of choice.


OOF Wear








Antonio Marras

Trend Directions: The Liberated

With the „All-Inclusice“ trend, the need to feel alive and empowered, as celebrated by the LIBERATED consumer profile, is transformed into an attitude of: I am free, therefore I am. New aesthetics, which sometimes move towards styles previously seen as bad taste or mundane, are now celebrated as authentic and unpretentious. The bold expression of this trend might seem audacious, even provocative to some yet manifests important mindset-changes of society. Having a voice is transferred onto the expression within clothing. Whether this is about standpoints on social, political or sexual beliefs, they are all incorporated by the Liberated and given a voice. Such appreciative new attitudes have individuals not only celebrate themselves and practice self-empowerment, but appreciate each other and engage in uplifting social practices as well. All-Inclusive is the new way of extroverted sensibility.

Key Looks

The look of this „All-Inclusive“ story is diverse and knows no creative limitations. Form-hugging and cropped silhouettes demonstrate the desire to show-off and display the self. Other revealing elements further depict this new empowered concepts on female bodies and sexuality. Another aspect, which is crucial for this trend is the idea off DIY. This idea results in individualist cut&sew, knit and crochet approaches, that might embrace purposeful imperfections as favored by the uniqueness-driven LIBERATED consumer. Colors and patterns take inspiration from the world surrounding us, ranging from nature to interiors and digital motifs. In general, design inspiration can be generated anywhere here, as long as it demonstrates the self authentically. Clashing and combining to come up with novelty is the consequent result. This concept also focuses on re-interpreting casual staples, like T-Shirts, Sweatshirts etc.via empowered slogans. The mere goal is to take a stand and have a voice.

Charlotte Knowles

Marine Serre

Ceren Ocak

Urban Revivo

Lou Dallas

Rave Review

Ester Manas

Maison Art C

Ester Manas


Inclusion and Solidarity for a reborn society.

For FW22 embracing hope means to maintain positive and evolve as an individual within society. It is the driving force to make people believe in themselves and find their place within the community. The regained freedom, post-lockdowns, is going to reinforce social celebrations and pivot the increasingly inclusive and social mindsets to a next level. Get empowered by Livetrend Data and Inspiration and take a look at the other FW22 consumer macro-trends related reports on the Trendfeed. You can find an overview HERE.