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FW22 Macrotrend: IMAGINATION

The urge to move forward and to reach beyond re-known ways is stimulating the desire for novelty for FW22. Creativity is put at the center of action and imagination is not only considered, as a form of escape, but a necessity to drive change and to create something new. Boosted by animating forces, the feeling of imagination pans to worlds of nature and digital with the purpose to inform dreamscapes and to generate fresh perspectives on the future. As the symbiosis of nature and technology is progressing, the trend is strongly working towards the concept of a new meta verse, which has emerged as an alternative sphere for life. More experimental than ever before, consumer seeks to enhance humanity and nature and create a fruitful symbiosis. Through a recalibration of imagination, liberated from any restraints, which we have felt during the lockdowns, this macro-trend inspires wonder and fantasy, with.

Looking at the different reactions to the consumer driver of imagination, it might either wanders towards the past or seeking out the future. Regardless, the efforts to find sources of inspiration remain at the base of both directions. THE NU-DREAMER is looking for his creative escape in in the past and follows a path of dreaming and escaping. Driven by an appreciation for plural senses and a desire for the past, the outlander can be defined as an eclectic romantic. Guided by his need to innovate, he collages anything that seems meaningful into a phantasmagoric new landscape and style. THE SCI-FI SELF, on the other hand, explores the capacities of the future to embark on imaginative journeys. Following a path of exploration, the boosted consumer begins to point to new directions and new spaces for living. Appreciating the power of progress, this consumer is driven by his search to enhance the world. By merging nature and reality, the Sci-Fi Self is beginning to construct alternative meta-verses and propose outlooks on the long-term development of life. This consumer has developed a new virtual self in the online world. This new self further erodes the separation between the real and virtual world, which underlines an increasingly growing interest in cyborn and digital characters as well.

Trend Directions: The Nu-Dreamer

FW22 marks a new era of dreams. The „Eclectic Historics“ trend is fusing key elements of the past to create a new future, all under the scope of freed imagination. Historical stories and legends inform this story and take us on a path of more eclectic aesthetics and styles. The NU-DREAMER is inspired by his necessity to escape and find novelty. After a period of sensory reduction and limitation, this consumer is seeking for a more maximalist aesthetic again and tries to celebrate the plurality of sense. The result, is a more extravagant aesthetic with a slightly mythical twist. The mood is driven by hedonism as well as intellectualism. The curation of meaningful nostalgic elements and re-evaluation, reflects the trend for dark academia and requires a sense for storytelling and knowledge.

Key Looks

As mentioned above, historic dreamscapes inspire rather extravagant designs within this story. Due to the plurality of influences it is difficult to define the style that is collecting memories of the past. The fusion of anything inspiring and meaningful creates a hybrid-aesthetic within the final looks. The eccentric character of certain styles incorporates the exaggeration of volumes or shapes, ranging from enlarged sleeves and extra-pointy collars. Materials like florals, lace and brocade add a distinctly feminine nod to the story. The more historic elements include embellishments, collars, flamboyant trims for corset details. While the color palette grounds on gloomy and indulgent darker tones, hyper-bold hues are added to enhance the mystical and outlandish feel of this trend. Mix-and-Match aesthetics are key here. Finding novelty within a magical fountain of youth should push exciting and fantastical styles for FW22, especially relevant for festive and evening styles.

Veronique Leroy

Juhan Wang


Magda Burtym

Dries van Noten

Simone Rocha

16 Arlington



JW Anderson

Trend Directions: The Sci-Fi Self

The SCI-FI SELF is pushing for new forms of experience. He is taking us from one meta-verse to the other and directs us into virtually complex lands as digital rooms create new forms of society in hybrid lands. This consumer is rather Gen-Z and late-millennial driven. The related trend direction ``Hybrid Worlds`` creates a distinct feeling of surrealism and futurism. Seemingly far away, yet so close, the theme is pushing for an alternative future. With an intangible real and unreal world emerges a design trend that stimulates our minds and provides an escape to the real world surrounding us. Overall, the mood resonates pleasure and progress.

Key Looks

The style of this FW22 trend is driven by a digital-inspired aesthetic. Whether this means prints, color-ranges or shapes, the „Hybrid Worlds“ trend is nourished by boosting virtual color-ranges and digitally-crafted print design. Prints might also focus on extra-terrestrial motifs and design. Regarding the silhouettes, body-conscious silhouettes, which resemble the avatar-skins of online characters, offer comfort and touch upon the more diversified and self-confident traits of this new consumer. More experimental, surreal shapes and silhouettes can also play an important role in translating this trend. Layering combines all of the new shapes and creates innovative silhouettes. Sleek tailoring styles are also adding to the futuristic look. The Fabrics focus on glossy, almost liquid finishes, and second-skin knits.

Rave Review

Aune Studio


Bottega Veneta

Lado Bokuchava

16 Arlington

Daily Paper


Baum & Pferdgarten

Lado Bokuchava

Desires for novelty.

The spirit of unlimited imagination was released during the pandemic and continues to satisfy desires for novelty. Consumers seek to create something inspiring and strive to extend their horizons as their old surroundings will inevitably change. Get empowered by Livetrend Data and Inspiration and take a look at the other FW22 consumer macro-trends related reports on the Trendfeed. You can find an overview HERE.