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FW22 Macrotrend: FATIGUE

The emotional chaos, which is linked to the long-lasting effects of the current health crisis, is causing a sense of fatigue (both physical and emotionally). This feeling is a coping-mechanism to handle the overwhelming levels of anxiety and fear. The fatigue describes a distressed state of mind, which is the consequence of current unbalanced lifestyles. New living-schedules make it difficult to separate free-time and work and make it harder for people to unwind. At the same time, the continuous stream of negative news is overpowering people's capacity of uncertainty, fear and an awaiting recession. Their fatigue is now demanding different coping strategies to handle the draining overload of emotion and pressure and to guide them through the period post-pandemic into a more promising era.

There are two different ways to react to such feelings of emotional and physical fatigue. Those two strategies are activism and caution. THE DISRUPTOR counteracts his fatigue through activism. He wants to escape a seemingly never-ending crisis through subversion and conquest and manifest his resentment towards the pandemic-period. This rather unsettled consumer reacts with rebellion to reclaim his own destiny. Not wanting to be fooled by politicians and society anymore, the disruptor might also tend to use more drastic means and get involved in aggressive revolt. On the contrary, THE SYNCHRONIZER is accepting his destiny and tries to conform to prevent any more changes. This cautious attitude reflects his desire for stability and reassurance. He is afraid of a continuous downward spiral henceforth seeks security. Whether this security is related to product, data or services, it provides soothing to numbed sentiments. Characterized by solicitude, self-sufficient and simplicity, the Synchronizer represents the new norm-core consumer, who seeks a harmonious world with minimal effort and minimal change.

Trend Directions: The Synchronizer

THE SYNCHRONIZER and its cautiousness find interpretation within the „Contemporary Curated“ trend direction for FW22. Seeking for comfort in minimal confrontation, this client turns towards simplified and re-known solutions. The combination of familiar nostalgic elements with a contemporary clean design aesthetic is key to this consumer. More precisely, elements from the past, which resonate longevity come along the idea of curation than creation. For synchronizers, thinking about the past seems grounding at the moment. Balancing the past with minimalist elements safeguards a modern and contemporary look. The result are timeless collections, which will answer to a consumer, who decided that living with less means a reduced possibility of negative effects and increased freedom (literally and mentally).

Key Looks

The key style of this story builds on traditional tailoring pieces, which are subtly reworked through historic or smartened-up aesthetics. The tailoring elements reinforce the idea of value and quality and embrace this consumer's mindset. The trend's warm palette incorporates soft neutrals, for comfort, as well as rich and deep main-colors, like blues and reds to introduce a sense of luxury. This color story is the answer to a need for simplicity with a premium feel. The look is rather sophisticated and counteracts the periods spent in comfort-wear. In terms of materials, classical tailoring fabrics are combined with leather, silk or interior materials. Fusing a masculine and feminine style is key here. The idea of being unable to pin-point those looks to a specific gender or period of time creates hybrid looks that can adapt to any potential future. Whether that means going back to the office, staying at home etc. Slightly re-constructed elements can enrich this story with a more edgy direction as well.

Adam Lippes


Stella McCartney

Acne Studios


Ports 1961



Victoria Beckham

Louis Vuitton

Trend Directions: The Disruptor

THE DISRUPTOR consumer-type finds representation within the „Reclaiming Destiny“ trend story. The resolute-tendencies of this consumer manifest the disruptor’s aims to change the system and his demands to not be fooled anymore. As a self-believer, he adapts by actively trying to influence the future. He lives off an insatiable hunger for power. The fatigue that he now experiences has triggered him to despise being a victim of events anymore. Subversive energies are rising and translating into the image of a modern warrior. The mood incorporates a sense of force, which stems from the empowerment that this consumer built during the lock-down period. Reinforced and strengthened with a clear vision in mind, this consumer group is looking out for slightly<br /> sleek and practical designs, with a (subtle) rebellious edge.

Key Looks

Translated in core looks, the disruptor trend signals a taste for strong silhouettes. New and bold outlines, which certainly leave an impression. Bold shoulders, sharp-cuts and powerful textile qualities result in strong and eye-catching designs. The palette shows a taste for neutrals, from beiges to whites. Another key color are currently emerging palettes of khaki and grays, which add to a militant, utilitarian feel. Not to gorget, the FW21 color-trend for all-black maintains its relevance. Material-wise, the rebellious feel is translated through leather, chunky knits, distressed surfaces and textile qualities that are able to generate volume. Staple Items are long skirts, coats, bomber-jackets, power-shoulders and chain embellishments. Key accessories like combat boots and face-coverings are updating current trends, while maintaining the safety-properties of the facemark. Their anonymous effect is completing the look. Other subversive details, showing skin or nodding to lingerie can add another element of provocation, all along the disruptor’s rebellious mindset.

Dion Lee




Dion Lee

Ceren Ocak




Juun J

Coping with numbness for FW22.

The feeling of tiredness is lingering underneath the surface of society. However optimistic spirts may be, the extensive period surrounding Covid has taken his toll on society. The financial and social problems, which will arise following the end of the health-crisis will sustain this sensation of fatigue for a lot of consumers. While such numbness might appear draining, it demands even more creative concepts to counteract this sentiment and make people feel understood. Get empowered by Livetrend Data and Inspiration and take a look at the other FW22 consumer macro-trends related reports on the Trendfeed. You can find an overview HERE.