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SS22: Prints&Patterns

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Pferd und Baumgarten

Norma Callami


Emilio Pucci

The creativity and self-expression, that consumers (re-)discovered during the lockdowns couples with the demand for more individual, one-of-a-kind looks within this Trend for hand-sketch prints for SS22. The garments becomes a canvas to translate brand-id, consumer-id and the zeitgeist. Use pencil or brushstroke lines to increase the DIY effect of those garments and enhance the personal and intimate feel. The print can be used in all-over or as a detail on sleeves, collars or graphic tees.

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Artistic Expression

Christopher Esber


Interview Magazine


Rosie Assoulin

Next to the hand sketched expression of newfound interest in creativity and art comes a more bold and colorful interpretation of this sentiments for SS22. Individualistic and self-expressive the mood-enchanting art prints tell stories of bold brushstrokes and geometrics and evoke the effect of art-works and culture. The effect of those eclectic all-over print is enhanced when used on fluid dresses and skirts, as they build the perfect canvas for the painting-like patterns to lay out.

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Enlarged Abstraction

Gabriel Lima


Daniela Gregis


Stine Goya

Feeling closer to art and creativity than ever, consumers are trying to submerge into the abstract and dreamy paintings of their favorite artists. Next to the trend for brush-stroke patterns, this motif is a more enlarged and all-over story for your SS22 assortment. Large abstract forms are offering a great possibility to experiment with color-palettes and color blocking to create mood-enchanting and joyful effects. Look at Stine Goya or Materiel for further inspirations.

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New Tie & Dyes



Concept 1331

Acne Studio

Daily Paper

The Trend for Tie&Dye is not coming to an end for SS22, but it evolves into more abstract and less literal interpretations. Inspiration is driven from structures found in nature, such as nudges, sediments and marble or highly digital, surreal spheres. The effect are slightly psychedelic and dream-like structures that evoke the feeling of a more rooted, yet futuristic tie&dye. To enhance the optimistic and escapist effect of those prints, opt for colors with a more digital edge, even if just as a highlight as Concept 1331 shows.

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Natural Linears




Baum Pferdgarten

Lucas Lelau

The current trend for animal skins and linear texture prints will merge together into a new nondescript motif of natural lines. This print is perfect to transcend the seasons and works for various product groups. It captures a sentiment of reconnecting with the planet by taking inspiration from nature. Some of those prints almost seem as if having a digital touch to them, due to the organic and non-print quality. Baum und Pferdgarten, L’Oeil and Holzweiler are some more brands to consider for inspiration on the interpretation of this concept. 

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Maisie Villien

Low Classic Seoul


Travelling has become a phantasy during lockdown and even after the crisis, certain groups of consumers will continue to be cautious and skip on traveling. Scenic and panoramic landscapes will be an important print trend for SS22. They work as all-over prints, but are equally as effective as a placed print graphic as well. Consider experimenting with photography effects or capture the creative self-expression craze through brushstroke effects. Natural landscapes and tropics will capture the idea of far-away the holiday destinations and are guaranteed to resonate with an „I-wish-I-was-there“ spirit. 

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Nautical Narratives

Stella McCartney


Harpers Bazar

Poppy Lissiman


These nautical prints are getting us all vacation-ready. Take inspiration from sea-life and sceneries from the beachside to capture an all-year vacation vibe. Those prints are interpreted very glamorous, as Versace and Patbo have shown, but even some more subtle and placed interpretations, look at Proton and Stella McCartney ,are working their escapist magic. The nautical story is a great all-over pattern, but do not forget to consider ocean-themed graphics for placed prints.

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Ebullient Archive Prints



Emilio Pucci



The dreamy maximalist macro trend, that will define hedonistic and optimistic consumers, comes with a spirit for questioning good taste. Being bold within the expression of luxury and experimenting with different time periods will bring ebullient archive prints, à la Versace and Dolce-Gabbana back. Consider baroque elements, repetitive, kaleidoscopic structures and luxurious motifs. The trend works well for matching sets, for a client, who is ready for a lounging-in-luxury spirit and eclectic parties to celebrate a brighter future ahead.

Innovation & Dreamscapes for SS22

Spring Summer 2022 is a season of two halves, the indulgent hedonistic consumer seeks bold and joyful statement prints, while the other consumer prefers more timeless and reassuring design. And some consumers are trying to balance their financial anxiety and need for safety with a desire to lift the mood and look towards a brighter future. In general we can see a focus on versatile prints, that are able to merge into several seasons and use bold pieces to support the highlights of your collection.
Hand-sketches reflect the taste for art and the artisanal, while some more nature focused narratives are innovating stripes and Animalia. With nautical motifs and landscapes, designers will take us to our favorite holiday destinations.

To summarize the patterns and print trends for SS22, we can witness several consumer sentiments that strongly influence the graphics in fashion. Make sure to check the reports on floral prints for SS22 and the key pieces and colors, so you can combine top graphics with must-have pieces to generate new best-sellers.

17 December 2020