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SS22: Floral Prints

stable trend

Ditsy Florals

For Love and Lemons





The countryside-romanticism that has captured especially Gen-Z and Millenials during phases of lockdown is keeping a dreamy and feminine mood relevant for SS22. As a result, naive and ditsy florals are a stable yet important trend for 2022, especially for the dress category. The reassuring qualities of the print are appealing to a cautious consumer, knowing the trend will not be out of style one season ahead. On a natural tone base, those florals are well adapted to the taste of vintage, enhanced by the resale markets, which ultimately feature a lot of romantic nostalgia, so this print remain very popular.

stable trend

80's Floral Revival

Alessandra Rich

Magda Burtym

For Love and Lemons

Nine Minutes

Rotate Birger Christensen

The positive and joyful spirit of 80’s florals is in line with the mood-enchanting look, demanded by consumers. The retro character of these florals, also integrates a more comforting nostalgic feel and appeals to a wide audience. The slightly posh Dallas Reference, goes hand in hand with current revivals of 80’s TV shows and Lady D outfits. Make sure to use this print carefully, to maintain a  tasteful and sophisticated look. Look towards Alessandra Rich and Magda Burtym, who manage to create trans-seasonal pieces, which will work for summer days and holiday seasons as well.

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Fading Florals





Shaft Jeans

The positive spirit of creativity and self-expression translates into floral prints as well. Reworking this traditional pattern in crafty and individualistic ways brings novelty and freshness for the SS22 season. The faded effect alludes to various painting techniques like watercolor, digital effects or imitating traditional ikat weaves. Altogether those blurry and expressional florals are depicting consumer’s positive attitudes towards individualism and creativities healing capacity.

hot trend

Back to the 70s


Simon Miller

Antik Batik


Richard Quinn

Looking towards SS22, florals are also jumping on the increasing wave of 70s nostalgia. People are reminiscent of a time, where seemingly freedom, joy and celebration ruled. They do not only use this nostalgia to daydream, but to also ignite new sparks of positivity and an enchanting character towards tomorrow. The prints feel reassuringly familiar, yet full of youthful spirits and optimism.

hot trend

Enlarged Floating Florals

Tom Ford


Julia Heuer


Richard Quinn

Bold florals are a must-have print for SS22, as consumers buy into optimistic and joyful products. After seasons of staying at home, people are seeking to express their hedonistic, live-celebrating feelings. However, their engagement with nature and the familiar appeal of florals will appeal to a broader range of consumers, beside the hyper-positive ones. Use statement colors and enlarged motifs to underline the summery and happy tone of the print. 

trend up

Negative Imprints

Catarina Moro

Stine Goya

Jason Hanley



Negative Floral Imprints are one of the most innovative floral pattern for SS22. They reference ancient photographic techniques, while providing a contemporary and digital edge through their clean aesthetic. With an increased impact of digital spheres, those florals are still able to provide comfort and softness. The lucid and dreamy  effect of this pattern is enhanced when combined with transparent materials, that are going to play an important role for SS22 as well.

Upgrade your Florals

Florals are a safe bet for summer seasons, but 2022 is presenting several new updates on this classical motif. The cottage core trend and new naive femininity is pushing nostalgic ditsy florals and appealing to a cautious yet optimistic consumer.  Bold and retro 80’s florals are perfect for hero-pieces of your collection and resonate well with a more eclectic and bold client. Overall, depicting a joyful spirit is key for the rather optimistic season ahead. Hand-sketches reflect the taste for art and the artisanal, while some more nature focused narratives are innovating stripes and Animalia. With nautical motifs and landscapes, designers will take us to our favorite holiday destinations.

To summarize the patterns and print trends for SS22, we can witness several consumer sentiments that strongly influence the graphics in fashion. Make sure to check the reports on the key pieces and colors, so you can combine top graphics with must-have pieces to generate new best-sellers.

23 December 2020