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LIVETREND: FW22 Festive Concepts

Gathering up again

After missing out on social and family time during the pandemic, the ability to attend events again lifted the stakes for festive collections this season. Their importance to convey diverse consumer sentiments and value shifts was more crucial than ever. As a noticeable shift in holiday communication has taken place, the festive drop needed to move on from its slightly dusted obligatory duty. The integration of augmented and virtual reality is driving digital worlds for shopping and animations, as seen in the virtual Ferragamo gift store, or creates imaginative wintery landscapes in short films, such as the snowy LA of Prada.

During periods of crisis and change, consumers are collaboratively seeking for stability. Holding on to tradition and nostalgia can be essential to soothe people and provide them with a sense of steadiness. The holidays can be a season of joy, but they similarly surface global and societal issues year after year. Trying to forget and focusing on positivity lead to eccentric and party-focused styles, which explored their glitzy limits this year. With occasion-wear set to become a leading category for 2022, winning the next festive collection with the right trends is essential.

 Festive Concepts


Metachristmas is here. It is the topic of the year: The metaverse. The bridge between reality and virtual realities that provides us with a new alternative space. This seemingly surreal setting offers a fresh starting point to festive collections, that commonly seem rather repetitive. Adding a futuristic and extraterrestrial note, Metachristmas is telling a more innovative and dreamy holiday story. With contemporary and slight odd take on festive metallics and shine, an iridescent touch and sense of gloom is added to collections. Staples include metallic outerwear, transparent layers and a rather minimal and serene silhouette. The look feels contemporary and sleek, while going for a powerful message.

Credits: Elle Arabia, @eiko_ai, @louisvuitton, @sl.eau, @area

Playful Parade

It's time for a Christmas parade again and everyone is invited. As the aesthetic universe of consumers is broadening and more maximalist and individualistic styles are more widely celebrated, classy parade styles feel more fitting than ever. The traditional celebration is reimagined and translates into a mix of enchanting-colors, sparkles and joyful trims. The trend projects the feeling of spontaneity, celebration and joy. As all of those elements strongly resonate with current consumers, the concept of quirky parades is able to unleash the retained holiday spark of the previous season, therefore doubling up on fun and glam. This design direction for the holidays grasps onto important value changes concerning inclusivity and the appreciation of diversity. Feathers, sequins and creative accessoires are key for a gender-blender look.

Credits: @ronnykobo, @prettylittlething, @forloveandlemons, @ashish, @gucci

Casual Festivities

Christmas has changed. For young adults that have experienced their last Christmas with friends rather than families due to the lockdowns, the idea of Friendsgiving is now translated into a new Christmas tradition more than ever. Spending time with your chosen-family seems more authentic to young adults, in a rather anti-glitter kind-of way. Casual is key and a slight subcultural note can be found within the look. This concept really builds on the fundaments of the festivities: spreading real love and laughter. For the look, inserting denim, knits and streetwear elements into the mix is key. Silhouettes feel more laid-back, yet metallic or embellished add-ons might still add a sense of festivities here and there.

Credits: @miumiu, @givenchy, @theopen_product, @pullandbear, @magdabutrym

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16 December 2021