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Livetrend: Eyewear Instagram Trends

The resurgence of statement eyewear. As tracked across social media, the eyewear category is currently influenced by various creative energies. With social life having been suspended for so long, the willingness for self expression is proposing eyewear trends with a variety of shapes and materials for different kinds of consumers narratives. It is well known, that sunglasses are versatile accessories that enhances the perception of us and our own perception of the world around us. With the sensory shift of the pandemic, tinted glasses can help us to see the world to a different lenses, while an upheaval of clear styles seems to provide us with clarity and self-assurance.

One of the main trends, emerging on Instagram, is deeply connected with a sentiment of nostalgia for the past. Attached to this desire are large retro-styles, classic cat eyes or, as the result of an intense y2k revival, an influx of frameless Millenial shapes. But consumers are not only escaping into the past, but reach for the future by dreaming of a hyper-tech world. A new sphere that will include spectacular sunglasses designed for energized races, ready for a journey through the metaverse. Instagram’s eyewear celebrates a moment of rebirth, where new looks are ready to nourish souls that needed to be silent for too long.

Frameless 00s

+186% YOY

Credits: @vicca_wonck, @crapeeyewear, @petrahenriette, @vi_bogodist, @rainymilo

The Bold Shield

+136% YOY

Credits: @aks, @soccins, @alealimay, @mariawoos, @yolitalitchi

Racing Specs

+110% YOY

Credits: @veronicaferraro, @jordandaniels, @karina_nigay, @daisybirchall, @graceghanem

Expressive Squares

+87% YOY

Credits: @lauraeguizabel, @martinahamdy,, @hera4president, @soccins

Clearly (in)Visible

+54% YOY

Credits: @alexandrapeirera, @abetterfeeling, @ninauc, @stellaluciadeopito, @joycorrigan

The Futurist Cat Eye

+15% YOY

Credits: @perenilleteisbaek, @alwaysjudging, @ellajohnson, @anyataylorjoy, @jessicawang

Resurgence of Statement Eyewear

According to Livetrend’s data, these are some of the top trending eyewear products across Instagram. Leading the range are rimless looks, which have increased by +186% over the past year, followed by bold shields, which grew by +136%. Similarly sleek, squared shades and futuristic cat-eye interpretations enrich Social Media feeds with a taste for a modernized tomorrow. Transparent materials have also shown a +54% increase and reflect how the recent runway trend is already adding novelty across the most fashionable clients, who now wish to keep their faces as visible as face-masks are gone.

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12 April 2022