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FW22: Key Coats

For FW22 long coats are showing that they are a relevant mainstay for outerwear ranges. The need for elevated casual attire, which adapts to fluid lifestyles, is maintained within those highly reassuring product-classics. As classics you can consider staples such as trenches and tailored coats. Those styles are now infused with a sense of ease and non-fuzziness for hybrid styles that feel contemporary and modern. On the contrary, more exuberant statement styles will need to meet the desires and dreams of other post-crisis clients at the same time. Since their length makes coats more impactful, both ideas (elevated basics and flamboyant styles) are intensified in their design aesthetic.

For the product range, creating a symbiosis of purposeful function combined with a return to occasion wear, is going to create new best-selling collections. FW22 will bring the fun back into the design of this category, especially after recently missed-out winter seasons, and a lack in outerwear-needs.  The next season will FW22 is going to unleash the storytelling capacities of coats.

What key trends to consider for FW22 coats?

Livetrend Technology has detected the new Must-Haves. Take a look at all the long outerwear styles that will create bestsellers for winter 2022.

The New Must-Haves

The Mixed Material Trench

One of the FW22 must-haves, which is Ideal for the transitional fall period, proposes the mixed-material trench. Inspired by recent tastes for patchwork-themes and the re-discovery of rather classical styles, this coat fuses the cores of both elements within a product. On the past runways, patchwork and recycled styles have been featured within 177 looks and grown by +11% compared to the year before. The steady development of this new pieced-together aesthetic comes along updated ideas on sustainability, circular design and a more general understanding of rebuilding-the-planet for the better. While incorporating such a creative reworked look, the elegance of the trench remains untouched. The bi-materiality is rather elevating the classical piece through added value and surprising details. The mixing of materials can be rather subtly done or can be executed in more expressive manners. The interpretation is all depending on your assortment's needs. For this coat, including detachable or transformable elements within a patchwork construction, might also be an interesting option to up a product's versatility here. Credits: Burberry, Patrizia Pepe, Rejina Pyo, Preen ,Barbara Bui

The Commuter Cape

The Cape has emerged as an edgy trend on the last runway shows and was included in 127 outfits. Today, so-called rich-people-hobbies like riding are used as a prevailing design reference. Horse riding capes can therefore serve as an archive of inspiration here. The Cape will be able to adapt to returning commute and travel, as it is an easy-to-throw on piece. Yet, this outerwear must-have incorporates rather preppy and fanciful connotations as well. As a statement piece for returning night-life, the cape will similarly be able to make an impression. Credits: Boss, Alexandre Vauthier, Lemaire, Ujoh, Hermes

The Relaxed Tailored Coat

Comfort remains key for FW22. Relaxed tailoring coats are a main reference for upcoming smart-casual styles and should remain a stable piece within your assortments. Recessionary times will have some consumers invest more cautiously now, hence this easy and versatile product is going to be highly in demand in the next season. Not only is the coat comfortable and evokes effortlessness due to the relaxed fit, but the more tailored features recall familiarity. Consequently, the longevity of this product is increased. Credits: Isabel Marant, Proenza Shouler, Aknvas, Joseph, Nanushka

The Cocooning Style

Enlarged Coats are generating a cocooning effect for FW22. Not only is their volume offering protection, but it seems to ignite nostalgic ideas as well. The nod embeds a dressy twist and turns the oversized shape into a chic silhouette. Subtly experimental details on the sleeves can be an inetesting option to push this product even further. Credits: Dawei, Elisabetta Franchi, The Frankieshop, Prada, Litkovskaya

The Sleek Fitted Coat

Counteracting the enlarged and cozy silhouettes of the pandemic, sleek slimline have slowly emerged as a newly favored silhouette over the past season. The liberation and empowerment of women, deeply connected to the desire to showcase the female silhouette again, is referenced within this style. Through sleek and crisp tailoring pieces focus is put on the waist and the shoulders. The overall look is rather minimalistic and shies away from any frivolous trimmings. In its simplicity the design maintains its sharp edge. Such a look also feeds into consumer macro-ideas regarding futuristic and tech-driven design stories. Credits: Ushatava, Givenchy, Alberta Ferretti, Coperni, Charlotte Knowles

The Retro Leather Look

Another stable core piece for FW22 is the leather coat. For the season it is given a retro-update with leather qualities that feel slightly worn or that tap into retro color stories of earthy tones. Mainly inspired by the 70s, the vintage look is referencing a key aesthetic influence of the moment. These days, consumers are seeking refuge in the seemingly joyous and liberated era of the 70s to manifest their own hopes and dreams for a better planet. Credits: Rejina Pyo, The Frankie Shop, Proenza Shouler, Ganni, Victoria and Woods

The Y2K Furry Look

Back to the 2000s his the aesthetic, which is currently driving Gen-Z and manifesting a nostalgic epos amongst Millenials. For coats, the fur-trimmed coat is the manifestation of this style direction and adds an iconic piece of the era. Celebrating femininity, the 2000s coat has been a popular item across fashionable and edgy influencers on Social Media for a while now. Currently, connecting to a higher magnitude of this aesthetic trend of the millennium, the re-discovered must-have piece is spreading on a more commercial level. More subtle and tonal variations can be pushed to a fashionable client now. Opting for leather or satin will increase the authenticity of the 2000s look even further and make it evening-wear appropriate. Credits: Saks Potts, Saks Potts, Versace, &Other Stories, 16Arlington

The Airy Long-Puffer

Big, bigger, puffer. Along the voluminous and cropped puffer style, which is key for FW22, a more enlarged and airy silhouette is entering the market. Inspired by the more extravagant blanket-styles of the FW21 catwalks, which were featured in 140 looks and spiking at the time with a +100% growth index, the coat-version is translating a more approachable vision of the cocooning concept. The Airy Long-Puffer resonates consumer sentiments of freedom and liberation, while incorporating several functional properties. Soft padding is key here and slits may even enhance the lightness and breathability of this piece. Credit: Ottodame, Zara, Ushatava, @xeniaadonts, Balmain

The Soft-Textured Coat

Furry and Teddy qualities are the must-have for the upcoming AW21 season. However, they are forecasted to maintain a growing perspective for the following season as well. With a consumer, who is only now beginning to think about dressing-up again, the need for more extravagant and bold styles will be even more present in FW22. The bold fur-coat with its hyper-soft texture is going to add an element of distinction to rather simple constructions only due to its fabric quality. The materials are also offering warming properties and hence a practical element, when facing the outdoors again. The preferred palette seems more muted and luxe for 2022 interpretations compared to the screaming looks of FW21 A sophisticated hue is inhabiting the textured coat now.<br /> Credits: Yves Salomon, Vince, Burberry, Stella Mcc Cartney, Joseph

New dress codes for FW22

The casualisation of garments is one of the key messages for post-lockdown periods. A new way of life will make consumers choose elevated basics and invest in more versatile and long-lasting staples. On the contrary, a certain part of products should also balance the need for dressed-up looks, which is deeply intwined with consumers optimism and desire for novelty. Finding the equilibrium is key here.

As seen in the top styles, effortless tailored coats, cocooning styles and textured interpretations are providing familiarity and extend current trend directions. Yet, new must-haves include the 2000s coat, capes, padded long-puffers and retro leather looks that are heavily inspired by the 70s. Stylistic influences seem endless here, but the integration of form and function is leading most design decisions.

Take a look at the FW22 Outerwear Details to get even more information and empower best-selling product assortments. Stay tuned on the TrendFeed to receive real-time Instagram or retail updates for your category and to stay ahead of the trends.