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FW22: Outerwear Details

As consumers are changing their spending patterns, it becomes more and more apparent, that they seek to invest in long-lasting products. Henceforth, an intensified work on garment details is especially crucial for upcoming seasons. Elevated basics and Reinvented Classics seem to be the terms that designers are hearing more and more frequently.

But what does this even mean?

Elevating a product means boosting your mainstays with added values and exciting details. These will propose points of differentiation and will increase your products potentials. Not only do design elements add a more contemporary notion to your pieces, but the exploration of new details also makes a product seem more thought-through and purposeful. Take a look at the new details for FW22:

Must-Have Details

Totally Quilted

Exploring the endless possibilities of quilting will be a core task for designers with regards to FW22 outerwear. The 3-dimensional effect that is created through this type of decorative stitching embraces current desires for texture and tactility. At the same time, innovative quilting shapes and motifs are providing a more unique and dressy feel. More simple, squared quilting however, recalls the Husky jackets from the 2000s. Shiny surfaces and bold colors are enhancing the voluminous and structured effect of the quilting stitching, while also adding a more joyous and fashionable edge, while matte fabric choices rather resonate a countryside look. Credits: Baum&Pferdgarten, Raf Simons, Vasquiat, Zara, Aknvas

Teddy Details

This trend is reinventing a material. Teddy qualities have not been adapted by high and premium fashion brands with similar excitement and magnitude before the past seasons. Today, the rather joyous and plushy material is put into new and more sophisticated contexts. For FW22 teddy can not only be used for the entity of products but proposes thee possibility for detail-use as well. Such elements for teddy details include collars, hoodies and lapels to bring novelty and coziness to outerwear pieces. Surprisingly, the effect is more sophisticated than expected. Credits: David Koma, Giambattista Valli, Max Mara, Beautiful People, Concept Korea.

Fur Collars

Talking about textured details which will be relevant for FW22 we must not forget to mention the fur collar. Whether in cropped jackets or long coats, the exuberant fur collar recalls a distinct 2000s nostalgia. In combination with fur cuffs, the retro style resonates even more authenticity, dressiness and an almost tacky appeal of chic. Credits: Yoga Azourel, &Other Stories, Dsquared2, @carodaur, Courrèges

Flamboyant Finishings

Glamour and Glitz are certainly going to impact fashion for FW22. 827 looks were already screaming ``Sparkling Parties`` on the FW21 runways. The return of the roaring 20s, embracing all the flamboyancy of feathers and sparkles and trims, is not afraid of outerwear. A seemingly odd fit, however, if balanced in a well-considered manner, this trend creates impressive stand-out pieces. At the peak of living the return of party and going-out FW22 is certainly the season to test the integration of such impressive styles. Party-ready-coats might incorporate fringes, feathered collars or cuffs or merely the choice of sequin or any other sparkling material as a core material. Credits: Prada, Arlington, Ferragamo, Toga, GuccixBalenciaga

The Utility Detail

The utilitarian style is certainly going to mainstay for FW22. With more sophisticated adaptations, details will see added flap pockets, buttons, belts and mixed-materials that are favoring nylon. Those rather simple utility elements are able to generate a premium explorer vibe. For this trend detail maintaining a female touch within the integration of utility and functionality-driven elements is crucial. The well-balanced result is going to be a casual, yet classic, look that responds to relevant FW22 consumer needs. Credits: Max Mara, ByMatu, Rejina Pyo, ShiTrendy, Chloé

The Loungewear Belt

The mix of smart and leisure styles has become the new staple wardrobe. The classic-casual look interprets new daily routines and adapts to new lifestyle patterns that consider the home as the hub. Life, leisure and work are going to remain highly intertwined for the FW22 season and are going to demand a more versatile wardrobe. The past runway shows had presented 147 robe coats, which means styles that are (re-)interpreting the bathrobe. Such styles are mainly defined by their wrapped and belted construction. The robe-belt and its easy-to-throw-on appeal are now also transferred to vests and puffers. As a result, this trend detail can add a sense of effortlessness to most outerwear pieces. Simultaneously it embraces largely versatile and useful product qualities. Lastly, the focus on the waist maintains the feminine figure and sustains the commercial potential of this product. Credits: Maje, Altuzarra, Joseph, Eenk, Cinq à Sept

Inserted Shoulder

Inserted shoulders are celebrated across Instagram. While this sleeve detail was already boosted for knitwear and blouses recently, it is now beginning to take-over outerwear as well. This doubled shoulder detail enhances the form of the body and generates a more sleek, slightly bold silhouette. The Style is also recalling the 80s power-shoulders. Currently, however, the trend goes back to recent archive-interpretations found at brands like Isabel Marant. With retro styles being in big favor at the moment and showing perspectives to grow even further, this outerwear element is certainly able to sustain new best-selling products for FW22. Credits: Anteprima, @carodaur, @xeniaadonts, Juun J, Ushatava

The Bulbous Shoulder

Focusing on shoulders, it is worth mentioning the bulbous shoulder detail. Reviving vintage Balenciaga shapes, the rounded silhouette has emerged as one of the highlight trends on the FW21 runways. Then it was considered as a more edgy trend and had shown a growth index of +123% . The style has now begun to invade more commercial parts of the market. While the shoulder-detail can exploit more edgy and extravagant styles, commercial interpretations are providing new ideas on updating the long-held trend for puffy sleeves. Moving the volume of the sleeve to the top is evident here. The resulting look incorporates a more historic feel, certainly in line with FW22 macro-trends. Credits: Louis Vuitton, LOEWE, TheFrankieShop, Alexander MCQueen, Sorelle Moscow

The Structured Shoulder

The power shoulder was already a tailoring favorite during the FW21 shows. Here, the bold shoulder had been presented in 335 looks. With FW22 collections ahead and the need to translate the growing macro-sentiment of rediscovered empowerment, the emergence of the boldly structured shoulder is coming as no surprise. This trend is definitely worth to sleek-up your outerwear assortment and empower your women in a new world. Credits: ShiTrendy, Annakiki, Juun J, Fendi, Sorelle Moscow

Comfort is the new black

The Trend Details are out. Livetrend’s technology has been able to detect and forecast the new outerwear must-haves for FW22 with data and human intuition. To understand on which core products you should use these details consider our reports on FW22 COATS and on FW22 JACKETS.

For these must-haves you can see that new shoulder details, such as the bulbous, bold and inserted shoulder can add even more fashionable novelties to coats and jackets. Further, more decorative features, like the robe belt or utilitarian nylon pockets are surely elements that freshen-up best-seller styles on a commercial and casual-focused level. Lastly, fur and teddy trims, similarly as flamboyant feathers are proposing to insert optimistic statement-pieces for a more chic outerwear range.

Get inspired by those trends and start to design your new collection favorites.