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T-Shirt Focus Fall 19

New Printed Tee

The global t-shirts represent on average 5% of the global collection. They are 91% cotton. The colours are mainly black and white. Their average price is 95€ and the entrance price is 49€, while the average price of a printed t-shirt is 89,5€. The rock t-shirt is a classic. Message t-shirts are always very popular: from the little word, to the logo, to the big writing. Parisian brands play with Paris as a icon. A certain inclination towards arty silkscreen printing and big drawn faces is also detected. We again find the animal prints: printed, rhinestoned or embroidered. Jewellery details and rhinestone application are up compared to last season. Several brands propose buttons on the shoulders. Among the reworked best-sellers, we find t-shirts with lace inserts, very feminine pieces that play on transparency and always have a great appeal to customers.