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Trim Trend: Bird Alert

Feathered for Freedom

2021 is a year of maximalist dress and 2022 promises to put an emphasis on eccentric looks as well. The celebration-mood of the post-pandemic time is manifested with embellishments and glitz within fashion. During the FW21 shows, feathers have already emerged as a statement detail and this past SS22 show has confirmed the mainstay of this trend with a solid growth index of +65%. The feathery trim is adding extravagance to daywear styles and feathered pajamas are a favorite to take a twist on new standardized loungewear products. From hemlines on pants and tops, to accessories and fully-feathers looks, the detail is guaranteed to be a showstopper. Current Instagram feeds are already showcasing the trend and the awaiting holiday season will surely amp up the prominence of the glamorous add-on. Make sure to bet on feathers for the next attention-grabbing looks, wether for night-time or holiday season, the reasonless detail is there to stay for 2022.