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How Fashion has already changed

What does fashion mean in the days of the coronavirus? When people are focused on basic needs, concerned about their health and that of their loved ones; when they are locked up at home for weeks that risk becoming months? When shops close, when even e-commerce sees their turnover drop from 70 to 90%? When the world locks up and on the whole chain, from producers, manufacturers, retail network, consumers…everything disappears.
Is all the trend forecasting that has been done before evaporated in a few days?

Today the consumer certainly doesn’t want to know which new capsules you are going to launch or which drop is coming. They are all concerned about their health and that of their loved ones. For the economic situation and the impact that the coronavirus will have on their work and for how long.

We all wonder what impact this experience will have on consumer needs, on new consumer trends.

We’ll certainly come out of this in a new way of consuming. Some trends will be exacerbated like slowing down consumerism, others will continue, like ecology, and others will arise from these new ways of life we are experiencing. In an immediate perspective, we have seen a significant shift towards cocooning and comfortable clothing and an increase in activewear, for homemade sports such as yoga and fitness.

We have relied on our technology to analyze the Instagram profiles of the most interesting influencers and begin to offer you an analysis of what is trending now and how it could affect the near future. For those who can react immediately: DNVB, pure players and e-tailers, these are the products to invest in now. We know that the creative teams are working on the next collections, so we will soon propose a study on the impact of the coronavirus on trends and a trend forecasting on the next trends to come, so that you can consider them in your future collections.
Livetrend technology continues to analyze images and fashion content online, to give you continuous access to the evolving trends that are changing as never before to interpret our future habits and lifestyles.

Stay tuned !

Top Trend n.1 : Homewear !

Obviously, our habits have completely changed and the influencers show us well what products they are wearing, like all their followers, and the consumers anyway. We’re all in the same situation, all confined in the house, looking for a little bit of reassurance in practical cocooning and cosy clothing. We are realizing that the situation is serious and our feelings are of fear, anguish, uncertainty. The clothing must respond to these moods, enveloping us, cuddling us, transmitting relaxation and simplicity. If we share the house with the family, the children, those feelings are combined with those of protection, benevolence and love. So we prefer reassuring colours, soft hands and comfortable, stretchy fabrics.


At the top of our ranking is the tracksuit. No longer just a street-wear symbol, but now also a homewear statement. It was since Juicy Couture that the tracksuit hadn’t been this stylish. From Milanese Veronica Ferraro and Chiara Ferragni, who have been locked up for a month now, to @vickyandthekids, @pernilleteisbaek, @jeanettemadsen, bloggers have opted for a comfortable and practical, minimalist and passe-partout look.
Note that compared to street-wear where the hoodie is a must, here the sweatshirt is more crew neck. Minimalism reigns supreme: statistically the No logo and no prints win.

Cocooning Knitwear

Reassuring and enveloping knitwear are the perfect pieces for this unstable moment. It is not only the warm and practical side of the knit, but there is also a psychological side. Soft hands will be the predilection: cashmere and viscose in priority. The big gauges will gradually be replaced by lighter weights. The oversized jumpers are going to give room to cardigans. These are often worn over lingerie and sleepdress. Great allies for getting out of bed, they end up to be worn all day long. Credits : @carodaur, @emilydonato, @lekasha, @tsantastic.

Top Trend n.2 : Cosy Lingerie

While all product categories saw sales drop to 90%, online lingerie sales have grown before the lock down. But the most worn products on instagram are not sexy and provocative pieces, lingerie complements everyday looks with a certain nonchalance. Minimalist but feminine pieces, the most worn by influencers are the minimalist bra and the evergreen sleepdress.

Minimal Bra

Bra is on vogue on Instagram. Influencers don’t hesitate to post cosy, effortless looks they are wearing at home. The styles are rather minimalist, functional and unstructured. Comfortable and stretchy, these bralettes are worn in and out of bed. Overlapping these bras, the influencers are wearing cotton, masculine, plain or checked shirts, or warm cardigans. Credits : @kimkardashian, @leoniehanne, @skims,@noholita,  @mvb.

Slip dress

Staying at home, the woman rediscovers her underwear and slip dress is an evergreen basic ductile piece. Suitable for all morphologies, wearable day and night, it is definitely a must-have of the moment. The looks on Instagram offer an intimate and sweet atmosphere, as natural as a stolen photo. In fact, the colors are quite light: pearl white, powder, blue. Usually made of satin or envers satin, the sleepdress is not lacking in details such as lace, pearls or feathers. The necklines highlight the décolleté or the backline and the lengths fluctuate between short and maxi. The beautiful images in the pictures are from @reformation, @rosiehw, @vanessahong, @sabinasocol, @sofluffypl.

Top Trend n.3 : Athleisure

What to do these days? Obviously trying to keep fit. The pursuit of well-being and fitness remains a priority. Apps that offer free-body exercises to do at home, online yoga classes and jogging around the house (where it is still allowed) which remains one of the few moments where you “get dressed to go out”. The active-wear outfits are popular on Instagram: leggings, bralette or crop top i must of this trend.
From a coloristic point of view, even if black is never missing, here we finally see some strong colors and played on color-block cuts. Last but not least: the sneaker is still a useful and practical accessory that doesn’t lose its appeal.


Bras, croptop and leggings, here is the most loved look for fitness training sessions. Indoor or outdoor, everyone show off their outfit and the physique that goes with it! The virus threatens our health and we want to take better care of our bodies than before. Being healthy means being fit and eating healthy. Influencers set an example as @constantlyk, @twentymontreal, @valentinaferragni, @veronicaferraro, @vickyandthekids.

Top Trend n.4 : Sleepers

What footwear to bring into the house? Obviously the slipper is the shoe of preference. Comfortable but stylish, opt for styles that can be worn inside as well as outside. Of course they are not cheap, but once the lock down is over, you can also take them outside, and right now, only the idea seems a great deal.
Flat or with a very low heel, moccasins, espadillas or mules, the important thing is that they give off sophistication. No sloppiness on the feet, beautiful materials, refined colours, but without too many excesses and frivolousness.

Chic Sleepers

Our favorite brands specialized in this type of product are currently Vibivenezia, Baboosha, Capulette, Le Monde Beryl, Mila. Take inspiration from these single-product brands. If it is not a product that is normally part of your collection plan, propose collaborations with these specialists ! It’s the right way to propose the products of the moment, outside the usual catalogue. You can increase brand awareness thanks to the associated brand and get a good advertising.

What are we wearing during this lock-down?

These are the top 3 trends of the moment based on our Instagram analysis. Practical and minimalistic pieces as tracksuit, leggings and tank-top are the most popular online. Confortable lingerie is worn from bed to livingroom combined with knitwear, shirting, shorts or jersey leggings. It is to notice that online lingerie sales have grown before the lock down, meanwhile the other product categories were falling down. Sleepdress is another piece that can be worn night and day without renouncing at femininity. For the less sexy ones, chic pajamas is an alternative, but destinated to a more mature customer. Cocooning knitwear is more seasonal and this trend will certainly evolve in lighter threads as summer cachemire or summery fibers as viscose.
Activewear at the moment is very popular because it is comfortable, but also because fitness has become fundamental to feel good and fit in this period.
As for accessories, bags have dropped in popularity, as they are useless for the moment, while sneakers have remained stable. Another emerging product is sleepers. A model that floats between indoors and outdoors, for a chic and relaxed style.

Best Practices

How you can use these informations right now to be near you customers? Here is two wonderful examples from Pinko and Liu Jo you can get inspiration from. Pushing newsletter about their clients real life, Pinko is proposing their activewear products and tracksuits to be cosy and stylish at home. This stimulates the desire to buy something useful to wear right away to cheer oneself up.
Liu Jo is proposing a video chat happy hour for their clients. A great idea ! Helpful for people staying at home feeling lonely and looking for social time. Especially for fashion lovers who are looking for an excuse to dress up for a Liu Jo video call. This is a great way to boost the purchase of the brand’s products. Be agile, be smart and find more ideas to get in touch with your community. That’s what they need from their favorite brands right now.