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Trend Evolution: 70s Prints for SS22






New Waves

Credits: @rachelnoelleclark, @madness_clothing, @theraggetpriest, @estelle_aliot, @styled.daisy / Credits: Stellamccartney , @olibrom, @missguided, @vergegirl

The trend for marbles and the taste for the 70s have fused into an array of organic patterns and prints that are currently invading the fashion scene. The big trend for new and complex wave designs comes along a more digitalized edge off assortments and enhances the sprit for novelty within the industry. Moving out of the pandemic the creative and surreal overload of 70 marble styles is resonating creative freedom, movement and an appreciation for natural organic structures all at once. For SS22 the trend still embeds potential and is said to even extend its commercial appearance.

Graphic & Abstract

Credits: @l.kiassumbua, @marthybum, @withjean, @_olhirst_, @darcywomennn / Credits: @poseandrepeat, @isawitfirst, @veronicaferraro, Emilio Pucci, @original_ver

A print cannot feel more authentically retro, than the current abstract and floral 70s  wave. Inspired by 70s interiors and the periods Emilio Pucci classics, geometric prints and kaleidoscope colors are celebrating a big comeback this season. Latest catwalks have already hinted towards this trend, and current Social Media feeds are confirming the stability of this print design. For high summer, the look reflects a sense of nostalgic poolside glamour and peaks consumers ability to escape into their holiday phantasies. For SS22 the trend will increase to spread in visibility and incorporates safe profitable qualities.

Optical Illusion

Credits: @baggu, @houseofsunny, @__mmaxinewylde, @stellamccartney, @motelrocks / Credits: @lisasaysgah, @kathrynlucyoutfits, @50mlondon, @sourceunknown, @oliviaandalice

With searches for 70s wallpapers growing by +130% it comes as no surprise that the optical and illusionary designs of super graphic 70s staples are impacting a nostalgia-driven fashion crowd. With the general impact of geometric trends, 70s geometric interpretations are not building an exception when it comes to popularity and higher magnitudes. Slightly surreal, optical illusion effects are taking classic prints on a new level and demonstrate thee connection between visuality and our general state of mind. Focusing on mental health and well-being, those experimental designs help to escape from reality and calm the mind from perpetuating anxieties of the real world. A slightly more fashionable and daring style, however a safe path to embed refreshed geometrics into SS22 ranges.

Text in motion

Credits: @monicacamorals, @palomawool, @madness_clothing, @motelrocks, @poppylissiman / Credits: @original_ver, @keziacook, @lazyoaf, @poppylissiman, @sitabellan

On-screen communication has become crucial during the times of the pandemic. Slogans and messages, returning hyper-branding and collective icons for a cause are returning tools to voice your opinion simply within an image, without the need to verbalize it. Putting this trend through the 70s filter, moving messages and wavy text designs are popping up as trend. The more authentic in terms of font and positioning, the more nostalgic and groovy those designs feel. This trend is an interesting way to promote your messages and ideals or to push your brand name. As an update for labelled holograms, this branding approach offers a playful and creative playground for graphic designers and promises fun and joy for the SS22 season.

Groovy Girls

Credits: @neverfullydressed, @elsieandfred, @hkwooman, @zimmermann, @lulutrixabelle / Credits: @lulutrixabelle, @shopeasytiger, @zimmermann, @newgirlorderuk, @sara_waiste

If you want to explore a fresh and daring facet of the 70s, you should go all-disco. New groovy landscape designs take us to roller-skate parks and nightclubs that play Abba and the Bee Gees. This trend is rather edgy, as it proposes more daring and expressive statement pieces. These prints explore the entire palette of iconic graphics, such as stars, waves, disco balls, rainbows, peace-signs and florals and fuse them into sceneries of groovy spaces and landscapes. Such bold designs appeal to all of our senses and enable designers to exploit all their phantasmic ideas and surreal phantasies. If you seek to incorporate a fresh and exciting look for SS22, the Groovy-Girl Prints are guaranteed to capture and boost your clients.

What’s coming next?

As tastes for joyful retro styles are increasing, searches for 70s inspired floral and wallpapers have grown by +130% , compared to the previous year. Hippie Styles have similarly shown a +80% growth rate in numbers of searches. On e-commerce 70s prints have already increased by +48% across print assortments.

For today’s woke generation the 1970s reflect what they are trying to represent as well: rebellion with a cause, mindfulness, joy and a spiritual approach towards the self and the planet. Mood-enchanting and quirky designs are adding a nostalgic yet optimistic twist to florals and respond to the demand for authentic retro styles.

Print inspiration is now taken from grandma’s attic and retro interiors but what’s coming next?

15 September 2021