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Hollow Spaces

Creating the Void

A hyper-feminine trend detail is hitting Instagram as Livetrend technology was able to track, analysing 14% increasing of that trend for FW20-21 and predicting another 14% on SS21.

This detail takes the cut-out trend and the idea of Feminine Reconstructions, that we have previously reported on, to a fresh and commercial level. The repetitive holes can be applied to multiple product groups and work especially well on tight-fitting silhouettes, as the intimate and skin-revealing character of the cut-outs and hollow spaces can unfold best when layered directly on the skin. With an increased fear of touch and lack of intimacy this trend rebels against new norms and underlines our human needs for the sensation of skin and physical interaction. At the same time, it comes along with current body-positivity and new femininity movements. The effect of those multiple holes, especially on buttoning tabs of cardigans and skirts, makes it seem like the garment is several sizes too small and that the body is popping out. Questioning beauty standards and rules on fit in such ways brings a very contemporary edge to those new trendy products. While your designs can adapt this detail in very edgy ways, simple repeated cut-outs or subtle placements can also create very sophisticated and soft looks, especially for the evening categories.
Go bold or embrace femininity, but do not miss out on this trend!