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Color Trend: Greenscreen

A next-level green.

During this transitional period one green is trending all over Instagram. A tone that balances between wintery dark and summer brights: green screen. So what has caused fashion’s green fest? Started with a return to once overlooked green color ways, the iconic Bottega Veneta look of FW21 have triggered a wave of the color. Since then,  the color has tackled across instagram at rapid pace. And its momentum seems not to have reached a plateau yet.  This strong and dazzling green creates a visual impression that conflicts and breaks the norm. With such a daring quality, green-screen has grasped the most fashionable influencers. It is especially prominent ti boost more muted and minimal feeds with a hint of eccentric color. The tone is used in all-over looks, in front of green-screen backgrounds and more commercially convinces in accessories and statement pieces. The manifestation of the metaverse can be thematically linked to the concept. However, the slight digital hue still balances on a sophisticated scheme and feels more indulgent than its neon and lime trending rivals. Make sure to bet on this trend for the next seasons, as it will retain its iconic status for a bit longer.