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Tracksuit : the next best-seller

We have relied on our technology to detect future opportunities due to recent changes on customer lifestyle and behaviours that has already produced several fashion trends.

Since the beginning of March, we detected a significant shift towards cocooning and comfortable clothing.
At the moment, we have a clear forecast that some trends are here to stay. This is the time when once you figure out how to make comfort stylish, you don’t really ever go back.

The tracksuit is going to be iconic.


Fleece and jersey are going to be the fabrics to invest in. Exploited in a high-performance way for activewear, sportswear, but also for underwear. Used in a casual and fashionable way for streetwear. Without forgetting the anti-bacterial treatments that already exist on these fabrics for underwear and baby, which will grow in use due to the pandemic. Of course, the perfect accessory will remain the sneaker, that is going to rise more and more.

For womenswear, the tracksuit shape is quite basic, cotton or viscose made and statistically win the crew-neck and no print. The trousers have the typical elastic bands at the waist. The sweatshirt is worn quite comfortable, can also be oversized. The sexiest ones wear it cropped.

Chiara Ferragni just launch her collab with Champion. The perfect time to launch a sportswear capsule! The tracksuit she is wearing below, in first image on the left, cost 430€ and was sold out in 3 days.


Sweatpants are going to be the next bestseller and iconic piece as jean has been for a long time.
Net-à-porter has reported that sales of trackpants have increased by 40% in this period. Our forecast for winter 2020-21 sees an average increase of 45% for this type of product in core collection, which will remain stable even for SS21.
Sweatpants are going to be, like jeans, the symbol of an era and a new lifestyle. But their origin myth is less specific than denim’s. If jeans are meant to connect us to a distant working-class, sweatpants transcend class connotations, and are worn by manual workers, bourgeoisie, celebrities, and billionaires alike.
The terrycloth comfort of sweatpants responds much better to our lives, right now. We need everything we wear to feel like it is gently hugging us. Key words are soft, cocooning, relaxed and comfy. But sweatpants have transcended mere comfort to take up a premiere post in the fashion imagination over the past decade.
As hip hop has become the dominant form of music and cultural expression in American life, rappers’ closets are no longer filled with premium denim but amazing sweatpants. Track pants and terry-cloth pants have become a staple of almost every designer’s offerings, from Demna Gvasalia to Virgil Abloh to Brunello Cucinelli.

Wear it with style

This trend has no age or gender. Like jeans, already mentioned above, tracksuit and sweatpants are a unisex symbol of coolness. Don’t miss this huge opportunity, even if you think your client isn’t the target. This piece will now be considered a passe-partout essential. To introduce it into your product range, simply mix it with more classic, chic or feminine outfits, for unexpected combinations. Get inspired by these images, to mix the sweatpant with a beautiful oversize coat from your collection, or with a bra and a blazer. The best combo will definitely be tone-on-tone. The prevailing colors will be calm and neutral hues such as gray, natural and soft pastels.
Opt for natural and sustainable materials, minimalist details like optimistic and comforting sentences printed or embroidered, maybe even inside the pieces like an intimate mantra.
And as you can see in the images below, sweatpants are worn by senior, fashionistas and even Anna Wintour !

The perfect product for this time

As always, it is important to have the right product at the right time and at the right price to create a best-seller. The planets are lined up right now to launch a new must-have. Actually the sweatpants are not a new in and were already worn with pride by streetstyle addicts, and during white-collar days off. But today, with this radical change in life that we have all undergone, a new lifestyle has arisen and new dress codes have been adopted by everyone. Comfort has become a primary need and the garments that will be able to respond to it will have a guaranteed success. No matter the customer’s target, with this situation and the “new normal” that we are going to live, we suddently all share the same feeling and life for a moment. For this reason the tracksuit, but especially the sweatpants, will be adopted by everyone as an essential piece of the wardrobe and we will not leave them anymore.

3 May 2020