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SS23: Tops & Blouses

For SS23, woven tops are regaining popularity as consumers are seeking for more versatile products that can move from home to business and to occasion. This shift is linked to lifestyle changes, which have resulted from the individualization of everyday life during the pandemic. At the same time, value shifts and the establishment of the meta verse are impacting this category as well. This season offers newness within the top category through party-focused tops, 199 looks on SS22 shows, and essential smart-casual hybrids. Via the creative play of necklines, cropped lengths and fits, 2023 offers an array of new exciting silhouettes. The most relevant staple, according to Instagram feeds and SS22 runways is confirmed to be the bralette with a +49% growth index. Compared to previous seasons, the bra is worn as a top now. From bandeau to triangle styles, it is especially popular in matching sets or combined with casual shirts and blazers on top. Talking about the shirt, menswear shirts celebrate a comeback and will be a versatile layering product, as well as a canvas to try mood-boosting colors for the next summer. Exaggerated silhouettes are key for fashion-savvy consumers, while simpler oversized fits provide a more subtle sense of ease for a commercial client. Similarly manifesting the new hybrid-casual look, sporty tanks are gaining momentum again. With high necks and cropped fits they propose to be a core item for up and down styling options. Talking about essentials, T-Shirts are experiencing a dressy-turnover as well. Asymmetric necklines, drapes and cut-outs are now added to amp up the classic sporty look.

Occasion-led products and hybrid pieces.

For a touch of femininity, softly knotted blouses are creating new long-lasting staples. They maintain their momentum from previous seasons and have turned into a big trend by now. The piece is even more effective in matching sets and light cotton or linen for a fully balanced and more humble feminine silhouette. Playing with female forms and a rather soft effect, the volume blouse is another SS23 must-have with a similar country-side feel. In cropped silhouettes with puffy sleeves, the volume style provides a fashionable option here. As lingerie styles are gaining momentum, corsets are showing to be another key item to liberate underwear from its initial functions. With a focus on the female silhouette, this piece screams for female empowerment and a bold showcasing of the body like no other. Similarly focused on silhouette, the second-skin body-con top celebrates the female shape. With 253 fitted jersey tops across SS22 runways, the trend is confirmed for the next season and provides transitional qualities, when used layering looks. Longsleeved, hyper-cropped tops are another appropriate item for transitional periods but feel more edgy and youth-focused. For SS23 trend-led consumers are going to embrace the influential Y2K revival in form of light nostalgic blouses in sheer chiffons or silks with one-button closures or several ties in the front and light flounces along the hems. Dig deeper below:

Tops & Blouses Key Items

The Bralette

Credits: @sweetlikecinnamon, @kennethize, @veronicaferraro, @jessicaaidi, @kristinamendoka

The Boyfriend Shirt

Credits: @emilyshak, @xeniaadonts, Miu Miu, @jacquiealexander, @polliani

The Criss-Cross

Credits: @aboutyou, @streetstylespy, Christian Wijnants, @natalylorenzo, @stitchandfeather

The Sporty Tank

Credits: @natyparagoni, @paytonsartain, Loewe, Supriya Lele, @ariviere

The Y2K Blouse

Credits: @ariviere, @siedres, Supriya Lele, @princesspolly, @matildadjerf

The Longsleeve Cropped

Credits: @maria_pereyxox, @studiowilliamfan, Acne Studios, @brunalirio, Alessandra Rich

The Next-Level Tee

Credits: @pixiemarket, Elisabetta Franchi, @areyouami, @arumstreetstyle, @annabelrosendahl

The Soft Volume Blouse

Credits: Hellessy, @ninasandbech, @shoplunab, @nicolemichelle_, @kiarapike

The Corset

Credits: @brunalirio, Di Petsa, @hannahschoenberg, @thelocals, @veronicaferraro

The Soft Knotted Blouse

Credits: @carodaur, @hannahmontazani, @emilisindlev, @roses_cloud, @leoniehanne

The Holiday Shirt

Credits: @otherstories, @sandro, Coperni, @zimmermann, @_rebeccajackson

The Second Skin Top

Credits: @tommyton, @sullivang_, Missoni, @fruitybootyunderwear, @mariabernard

Versatile collection assortments

hese are the highlights in the tops and blouses category for SS23. As seen above, the dazzling desire to go out is captured via feminine and seductive shapes. These occasion-led designs will need to be balanced with a broad assortment of elevated essentials and smartened up designs. Across all of those products, a distinct notion for ease and liberation is remarkable. This sense of freedom is now depicted through a liberated silhouette, lightweight layers or optimistic undertones. The trend stamp on the right describes the potential of each item for your market, be sure to understand its signification on the right. 

25 November 2021