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SS23 Small Bags Update

Flashback & Flash-forward. Cross-referencing the latest influences and insights from recent SS23 Fashion Shows, Instagram and E-Commerce, several distinct style directions for the bag segment can be translated for the next summer. The Millennial shoulder-bag has certainly become the overarching staple shape, but while the sizing remains, the upcoming choice of details can inform new and surprising looks that feel less expected. Racer bags with multiple pockets, integrated hardware for modern hues and novel tilted trapezes or wavy shapes can embed a geometrical twist as strong favorites for next season. Highlight materials, such as jello, glitters, colored animal skins and new metals create a choice of daring ingredients for a seductive yet villainous vibe. But while the season seems super sleek, there is a distinct element of treasured childhood joy that ignites youthfulness and ease. Toy-shapes bags, kidult charms or pneumatic effects are ingredients to elevate our imagination and sharpen our phantasy. Get inspired below:

Core Shapes

The Hardware Hobo


The Wondrous Wave


The Soft Circle


Soft Scrunchy Bag


The Classic Saddle


The Perfect Pillow


The Neo Bucket


Modernist Folding


The Millenial Bowler


The Tilted Trapeze


The Frame Revival


Pneumatic Styles


The Utility Shoulder Bag


The Slim & Sleek


The Phone Bag


The (Hard) Shell


The Necklace Novelty


The Favorite Toy


The Micro Box


Close to the Heart


Materials & Details

The All-Over Strass


Bold Punk


Poisonous Snake


Fancy Handles


Hard Handles


Contrasting Tied-Hems




Fully Fringed


Jelly Effect


Kidult Charms


Trailing Tassels


Essentially Stylish.

This analysis is done by collecting data and images from SS23 fashion shows, Instagram and e-commerce. The trends are organized by visibility and highlighting the market index of growth YoY (percentage on top right). Livetrend Stamp on the bottom right indicates the trend curve of the product cross-referencing the three data sources. For a more in-depth data analysis, connect to your Livetrend Analytics or ask for information via chat.

23 November 2023