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SS23: Macrotrends


SS23 is a season for transformation. An ultimate ode to freedom that builds around the reformed aspirations of healing and connection. Consumers experience an intensified understanding of the self within a community. The commercial space race is leading to questions related to the human core. How will we exist in the future and what traces do we leave on this planet. Sustainability is evermore important, yet it does not come at the cost of our possibilities to be more spontaneous and follow personal joy. The yearning for meaning and solace and the desire to nourish the soul turn into waves of radical self-acceptance and create a new understanding of beauty and empowerment. A liberated self and a liberated world are seeking to transform and focus on rewiring. Connecting with the self to reconnect the world and make it a better and brighter place moving forward.

The Stabilizer

The Reformer

The Utopian

The Inventor


While the broad spectrum of consumer sentiments shows how distinctly different people are feeling at the moment, the plurality of emotions can be used as a stepping stone to unleash creative energies. Considering the consumer types and their attitudes STABILIZE, REFORM, UTOPIAN, INVENTION, they mark different stages of an overall transformation process. All are connected to the freedom and liberation spirit of the moment.

To learn more about the different consumer sentiments and get first inspiration on how to translate such sentiments into concepts check the four  key-trend reports on the feed.