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SS23 Knit Patterns

A mix of classic and creative.

For SS23 there are two distinct directions when looking at knitwear trends. One of the directions builds on reassuring classics , while the other one explores more creative paths through handmade, innovative approaches and colorful design. To begin with the classics, the comforting character of rib knits is going to play a key role throughout the season. The linear appeal and cozy look matches the new-found strive for maximum wellness. On a similarly comforting path, crochets remind us of home. Spending time on handmade craft is linked to new creative hobbies and an increased appreciation for material and product. Crochet looks seem more energized than old-fashioned and dusty in 2023 and extend the optimistic mood of the season. Adapting to the spirit of endless summers and beach days, big fishnets and striped or space-dye designs are exploring an even more joyful path. Their play with color and individualism is closely linked to the Gen-Z freedom mindset and its  current youthful aesthetics. For edgy clients, printed knits and novelty techniques, that seem purposefully imperfect, provide some more liberated alternatives. Take a look at the new styles:

Highlight Trend Concepts

Striped Knits

Credits: @ayniuniverse, @ayniuniverse, @fiiriagency, @atterley, @vergegirl / Credits: @emmasevilles, @greceghanem, @vergegirl, @__outcastclothing, @_olhirst_


Credits: @ayniuniverse, @ayniuniverse, @ayniuniverse, @iammaevamartinez, @ninasandbech / Credits: @irisloveunicorns, @ninasandbech, @lefrenchystyle, @ayniuniverse, @daisybirchalll

Crochet Styles

Credits: @laura_eguizabal, @laura_eguizabal, @antikbatik_paris, @glassons, @irisloveunicorns / Credits: @hoskelsa, @ileniatoma_, @ayniuniverse, @sullivang_, @thenorahstore

Ribbed Styles

Amandine Laüt 12:24 Uhr<br /> Striped Knits<br /> Credits: @ayniuniverse, @ayniuniverse, @fiiriagency, @atterley, @vergegirl / Credits: @emmasevilles, @greceghanem, @vergegirl, @__outcastclothing, @_olhirst_ .<br /> Fishnets<br /> Credits: @ayniuniverse, @ayniuniverse, @ayniuniverse, @iammaevamartinez, @ninasandbech / Credits: @irisloveunicorns, @ninasandbech, @lefrenchystyle, @ayniuniverse, @daisybirchalll .<br /> Crochet Styles<br /> Credits: @laura_eguizabal, @laura_eguizabal, @antikbatik_paris, @glassons, @irisloveunicorns / Credits: @hoskelsa, @ileniatoma_, @ayniuniverse, @sullivang_, @thenorahstore .<br /> Ribbed Styles<br /> Credits: @styleaddict, @trois_thelabel, @trois_thelabel, @whowhatwear, @mariakragmann / Credits: @lottiehall, @mariakragmann, @cultgaia, @irisloveunicorns, @oliviagrivas

Patterned Knits

Credits: @houseofsunny, @daisybirchalll, @kinaandtam, @ninasandbech, @lisasaysgah / Credits: @lottiehall, @sourceunknown.store, @lottiehall, @lottiehall, @princesspollyboutique

Experimental Novelty Knits

Credits: @gimaguas, @jourdansloane, @miraalmomani, @sofiamcoelho, @upnextdesigner / Credits: @upnextdesigner, @upnextdesigner, @apocstore, @lily.yeung, @oystories

Shape your SS23 assortment.

Knitwear is a crucial material within SS23 assortments. Not only because the fabric and its comfortable qualities have experienced a continuous growth since the pandemic. Knitwear is charged with emotion and experiences, ranging from comfort to fun, handmade to technical. The current consumer focus on feeling and connection strongly relates to those properties and is able to use them to translate related ideas.
These are some date to help you in you data-driven vision of the trend:
Crochet knits are predicted to increase by 59% for SS22 and remain stable for SS23. Fishnet are forecasted +83% for summer 22 and are going to be stable for 2023, even with different interpretations, from chunky artisanal crochet to refined mermaid filet.
Ribbed knits are a safe bet and remain with high commercial potential. The trend is rather stable with 8% more for SS22.
Make sure to integrate the right SS23 knitwear trends to cater to your clients needs and desires. Check our report on the must-haves for a more precise idea.

20 October 2021