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SS23 Junior Trend: Tuscan Summer

Nostalgic Serenity. The Tuscan Summer theme is evoking a pure aura of sun-drenched and carefree days. Serene vacations that are spent reconnecting with our families, natural elements, while enjoying the calm, countryside silence and sea breeze. It is in the heath of Tuscan hills, that the candid Italian seaside decodes its nostalgic stillness. Embedded into a rather rustic aesthetic, this wardrobe enhances natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, on effortless, simplified shapes. Its color range varies from sedimental beige, to sun dried yellows and raw earthy browns.  To balance this distinctly warm spectrum, a dusty light blue and an eggshell white are freshening up the palette. This story is all about celebrating vintage and homey feelings: the smell of fresh fruit, the deckchair reads, mariner stripes, olive trees and picnic baskets. An easy-to-wear, girls and boys wardrobe offers a style of genderless, retro poetry.

Assortment: Key Pieces

Key Looks





Play Up

Fin and Vince

Play Up




New Essentials.

SS23 will gravitate around reconnection and rebirth: celebrating nature, enhancing primal roots and celebrating ancestral sentiments. For kidswear, this trend is crucial to explore mindful eco-friendly solutions with natural fibers and eco colors. Further, experimenting with gender neutrality and community will become more important than ever. This theme aims to recreate a serene and familiar atmosphere, where the past is still able to nourish our future and heritage survives innovations.

23 November 2023