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SS23 Junior Trend: Summer Camp

Adventure Time. With the Summer Camp story, kids are back to experience an adventurous summer. Setting on instinctive exploration modes of youngsters, this theme recalls scout expeditions and summer camps in the woods. Boys and girls are both jumping on that same camper narrative, gathering their backpacks with essentials to spend the nights with their peers in a tent. Key take-aways for styling and design are looks with rather natural, yet energizing tints that include lively roses and blues and juicy reds. Outfits call for outdoor themes and elements of functionality: cargo pockets, drawstrings, fasteners to secure garments and modular accessories to store goodies. And when function meets creativity, it most surely relies on original color combinations and well-balanced cuts to remain a fashionable look. Forest & wildlife slogans and all-overs can offer some more joyful imprints here as well.

Assortment: Key Pieces

Key Looks

Fin And Vince

Zara Srpls









Scout Scope.

SS23 is celebrating the appeal of nature. Recent cultural shifts manifested the importance to protect our planet to benefit from its restorative powers.  For  kidswear, it is a key message to set, as children are the future and will more severely face the issues that we already encounter today. This trendstory has anadventurous edge and tries to embed the preservation of wildlife in a more joyful and enchanting way, that builds on curiosity, rather than fear.

17 November 2021