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SS23: Eyewear

Dressed-up Refinery

SS23 is as much about experimenting, as it is about reassuring future clients. For a time post-facemask (probably), glasses will continue to provide consumers with a shielding and protective feel surrounding their faces. The frames for SS23 build upon clearer structures and accentuating lines as they elevate outfits to more sophisticated and sleek looks. Looking towards color and materials, iconic deep black and white looks enrich the season with powerful minimalism. At the same time, monochrome looks are going to flood the next seasons, so sunglasses will need to integrate into these seamless looks as well.  Therefore, powerful frames in versatile color nuances should be favored too. Take a look at some of the upcoming must-have pieces below:

Brands to watch

Core Styles

The Frameless Y2K Look

The 2000s influence is not making hold from sunglasses for SS23. Frameless styles in tinted shades are bringing us back to the era. Colors such as rose and light blue are most representative for the girly look. With crystal add-ons and oblivious branding, these nostalgic frames are capturing the new-found taste for bling and tackiness. From shields to slimmer styles, the iconic Y2K look is a safe must-have for the fashion-savvy client over the next season. Make sure to provide such frameless tints within 2000s-driven assortments.

Y2K Essentials

Nowadays sports and outdoors activities have become more important and focused on than ever before. With a focus on form and function, practical accessories are experiencing growing popularity as well. For SS23, the sportswear frame is high up on the trend radar. While the look was already adopted by the most-fashionable brands and influencers over the past seasons, it has now reached the Queen’s daughter due to the popularity of outdoors sports. With such an increase in popularity and commercial applicability, the futuristic sportswear style is retaining a  genderless look for another season around. The more iridescent and mirrored the glass,  the more futuristic the look will be.

The Chunky Square

The past seasons have shown a strong favoritism for geometric shapes. Whether such forms were found as motifs in prints or as the shapes of bags and other accessories. It appears as iconic angular looks are experiencing strong popularity across consumers. Eyewear does not propose any exception. For SS23, a rectangular and chunky frame is feeding into the bold and stylish aesthetic of the moment. Varying from fun to rather minimal and modernist interpretations, the look is set to experience high magnitudes for the next seasons.

The Futuristic Shield

The space race has returned now that Elon Musk is shooting for the moon again and settling for a next-generation space race. Alongside, extra-terrestrial shield sunglasses have returned as the accompanying accessoire to the fashion scene. With pronounced edges or organic shapes and mirrored glasses, the style is guaranteed to foster fashionable statement styles throughout the next seasons. The look is mysterious and slightly provocative and adds a futuristic feel to any outfit.

The Retro Rounds

As opposed to the various angular forms, the round shape arises as another modern frame structure for SS23. Bolder and more sculptural executions retain the styles relevance. For a fun notion, the bold look is enhanced with vibrant color palettes and turns into a must-have for bright summer days. The organic shape feels feminine, yet modern, and brings fresh energies to each look. The round retro staple is generating a sense of ease and joy and guarantees to resonate with an optimistic client.

The Skinny Retro

Slimmer shades are remaining an important trend across eyewear for all 90s and 00s inspired collections as well. From half-moon shapes to slimline shields, the iconic look is adding a sleek notion to every outfit. It is essential to play with forms and details on this product to evolve the style from the previous seasons of slim retro frames. The slim shades create a retro futuristic look and tap into the empowered feel of the season.

The Angular Cateye

With a focus on female empowerment and sophistication, SS23 is returning with angular cat-eye frames. The cat-eye already felt hyper-feminine and self-assuring in the 1930s and has not lost its power since. For the SS23 season, the look is experiencing a more contemporary makeover through a bigger scaling and more angular lines. The angular outlines enhance the look with a seductive attitude and are intensified through deep black color ways.

The Iconic Aviator

The aviator style remains a favored classic. For consumer that are looking for more timeless pieces to invest in, the aviator style provides all the stylish and reassuring functions that these clients might long for. For SS23, tinted glass and bolder frames  enrich the classic look. Especially fashionable are orange tinted glasses in combination with larger black frames and add a touch of genderlessness to the product.

The Extreme Shield

For SS23, D-shape glasses that are exaggerated in size are one of the most iconic styles. Covering almost the entire face, the look is serving clients with a provoking and edgy look. This silhouette embraces influences of digital characters and the metaverse as it signals shielding functions and similarly provides protection against influences from the environment. From hyper-shiny to hyper-angular, the XL-shield style is challenging the rest of sunglass assortments in shapes and sizes. The iconic must-have  prepares us for a bold and futuristic look and the awaiting “new tomorrow”.

The Bejeweled Style

For SS23, occasion wear is back in focus. It is expected to be one of the top 3 categories to experience growth along 37% of fashion CEOs. For glasses, the dressy taste for bling and couture is not lagging behind. Inserted jewelry elements and artfully intricate frame designs are crucial for the more one-of-a-kind statement product. To a client, seeking to stand out and bring the red-carpet to the streets, this style is going to pick up on the occasion influence. Party-ready, this product provides the perfect opportunity to be added to more classic looks in order to elevate them from day to nightwear.

Beyond-the Sun

As seen above, SS23 is a season to experiment with eyewear. For hesitant consumers, the iconic accessories will proof to be the perfect add-on to dress up a classical look, while fashion-savvy consumers will appreciate to add an exciting set of sunglasses to bold outfits for an even more maximalist look. While lines are becoming sharper, materials more refined and glasses more elorquately tinted, sunglasses seem to touch upon a sophisticated, slightly polarizing idea of female empowerment. Big scales are crucial and a futuristic facet is going to resonate well with 23 consumers.

From sports to occasion, the accessories will persist with its versatile potential. As consumers need protection from UV rays when being back to sun-bathing, travel and out-door activities, the category is certainly going to be invested in for SS23. Make sure to balance design and function to answer to your clients needs.

8 January 2022