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SS23 Denim Trend: Mindful Milestone

The pandemic has manifested a turning point regarding the interconnectivity of our world and established a more inclusive, mindful and considerate view towards a shared sense of humanity. For SS23 the trend Mindful Milestone offers a direction for the denim category that depicts this unified feeling to improve us and our environment in a prosperous manner. This concept is as much about emotion as it is about the tactility that is embedded in denim as a complex and resistant fabric. Through the soft notion of the trend, the next summer season will see a shift towards peachy yet sustainable handles that translate ease, comfort and the protectiveness of Mother Nature.  Related designs seem like a distant memory, a dream of harmony, to inspire the future. For product finishings this means subtle pigments, seemingly washed away by the current or faded out by the sun, as well as discrete imprints of nature’s surfaces, including faux marblings and landscapes. At the same time, shell and cream colors add to the tranquility and reflect the purity that we are facing when building an improved future. Similarly, the spiritual and free-spirit celebration of the planet surfaces bohemian inspirations, that are depicted within floral and paisley patchworks, embroideries or denims. A warming scale of color hues adds to the positive and enchanting spirit of this trend and presents a diverse set of must-haves that balances the familiar love of Mother Earth with a rustic approach to protecting our environment from fibre to finish.

Key Finishings

Earthy Pigment Dies

Tranquil Off-White

Nature Reliefs

Bohemian Upgrades

Tinted Marble

Must Have Pieces

Straight Leg

The Bralette

The Boyfriend Cover-Up

The Relentless Overall

Bohemian Pants

Connecting humankind and nature.

As seen above the key pieces align with a slightly bucolic wardrobe. From genderless overalls to straight legs, the heritage of denim as a workwear essential is reinterpreted in a more soft and female style. Boy-friend inspired jackets and overshirts are making the perfect match to essential barrettes, for a favored full-on denim look.  While complete denim silhouettes enhance the impact and dressiness of the fabric, they similarly manifest the hybrid qualities of denim. Another must-have of the trend are bohemian inspired pants, that seem inspired by the positivity and like-mindedness of hippies throughout the 70s. With a pigmented and terrestrial palette, the trend guarantees to resonate a conscious and slightly rural approach to the category and sustains an idea of nature’s healing powers. The trend can adapt to a feminine client, due to its subtle and mild look and result in sophisticated yet considered styles. 

22 November 2021