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SS23: Colors

SS23 is calling for color!

For SS23 the color stories are facing a key challenge: balancing the need for calm and the desires for joyful fun. While bold colors are certainly the most important element for any upcoming color-palette, they should be introduced into well-grounded, high-magnitude palettes. More humble shades for everyday life include refreshed neutrals, that balance subtly colored beiges and tinted greys with convincing off-white shades. Next, restorative pastels are given a softer and warmer note to resonate a feeling of ease and unity and tap into the pigmented nature-driven themes. Such muted shades help to connect consumers to nature and provide balance as an everyday practice. Further grounding shades for SS23 are provided by reassuring arrays of browns, especially important in deep brown and terrestrial shades. These tones answer the need for trans-seasonal palettes and call for an Indian Summer towards autumnal months. Exploring the uncompromisingly warm and enchanting palette of the season yellow is bringing joy and positivity in deep sunflower shades and warm buttery nuances. Similarly, more fashionable gradations that add a green twist to yellows and work well with khakis are gaining momentum as well. 

Which colors are setting statements? 

This question is answered by the latest Instagram uploads and fashion shows. With a metaverse-ready palette of artificial greens, moving from greenscreen to mints, a mood-boosting effect is added to the color scope. Similarly, luscious pink and red colorways, are amping up stories of feminism and generate a 2000 Barbie spirit. Oranges were some of the most important color shades this summer, while bright tangerine remains an important shade, peachy tones are regaining a moment and are supported by rusty and darker orange elements. Overall, bold colors are crucial for SS23 stand-out styles and promise for digital-friendly looks. It comes as no surprise that a lot of the bold colors tap into almost neon universes and are combined in impactful pairs across one another for an even more surreal and techno-color feel. Lastly, metallics are one of the main color-finishes for SS23. To create a feeling of dayglow, glittery and shiny colors like gold, silver, metal and iridescent styles are essential for a glowing look. Those liquid metal notes are contributing to the dressed-up look of the season and offer women the chance to celebrate their glam again. Get inspired by the new color themes below:

New Palettes

No-Noise Neutrals

For SS23 neutrals are infused with subtle yet refreshing color hues. With consumers seeking for calm and serene styles, those new neutrals are ideal for grounding and long-lasting looks. Their contemporary and light finish lifts them beyond dusty beiges of the past and offers us a new base for everyday essentials with and elevated feel. These neutral shades keep consumers in touch with nature within all the noise of change. Their gradation seems well pigmented and subtly washed-out or faded by nature. The look integrates well into most wardrobes and offers multi-purpose and multi-seasonal qualities, which enable an extensive commercial potential for those shades.

Magic Metals

Mesmerizing Metallics and Shimmers are crucial for the surreal summer dreamscapes of SS23. The new dreamy universe is now translated to the real world and adds an element of glamour or extraterrestrial glow to everyday looks. Consumers are seeking to reach beyond the known and tap into more spiritual stories. Colors that simulate liquid metals and precious stones are crucial to interpret this second-skin, amor aura of shine. Next to that, those shades reflect a sense of everlasting value and eternal beauty.

Spectrum Shades

Going bold or going home is a sentiment that is strongly embedded within SS23 assortments. For the next summer, this means to look at colors which seem to have been created in a lab and infused with a pulsating sense of artificial energy. Those shades are metaverse inspired and alter our senses and perceptions. If combined with novel darks, like purple or dark green, highlighting bolds create stunning yet surprising effects for spectacular evening wear.

Restorative Pastels

Pastels have been the second most-featured color on SS22 runways and a wast majority of the most influential Instagram personas seemingly cannot get enough of the pastel palette either. For SS23, pastels are updated with a softer and more humble momentum. While previous summers have celebrated the juicy and quirky shades across the color range, this season is set to infuse pastels with a calming warmth that provides us with a retreat-like experience. These new interpretations feel more domestic and are offering a balanced repertoire of color for soft feminine summer styles that reassure the female client.

Uplifting Yellow

Yellow reflects joy as no other color. For SS23 this enchanting quality cannot be missed in order to establish a sense of enchantment and growth that is necessary for a post-pandemic time. Yellow SS23 colors seem untouched and full of life as they provide us with a source to draw energy from during a season of change. From soft butters that seem purifying to experimental greeny yellows and reaching into sunflower brights, the entire palette resonates youthfulness and positivity. Yellow illuminates every-day looks and creates a feeling of lightness within any assortment.

Barbie Spirits

Saturated femininity lies at the core of SS23 and its dominating luscious pink and red color palettes. The heavy Y2K influence is growing on consumers and they keep to push for more and more barbie-inspired styles. Doomed as tacky before, these looks that resonate girliness are now experienced with joy and a balanced notion of kitsch. This pink and red palette is hyper sensory and offers summer assortments a daring touch and juicy sexiness. Going all-in is key for a fashion-forward style and pink-red combinations are favored for the full feminine look.

Artificial Greenery

SS23 brings a palette of greens that consists of grounding shades as well as artificial brights. Familiar darker greens feel surprising along usual summer colors, yet their timeless and sophisticated emerald-look brings a sense of indulgence to the green palette. In-between more nature-driven and artificial color worlds, the shade green-screen, a color that is strongly impacted by the industry's Bottega hype. It is announced to dominate the next seasons and is a fashionable yet safe bet for SS23 as well. The current trend for lime green is pushed to the extreme within neon hues or calmed by a more light and minty color story. However, most SS23 feel highly artificial. They have become a favorite across fashion influencers and are harmoniously balanced with neutrals for a more commercial approach.

Sunrise Splatters

The palette of orange and tangerine shades is maintaining its current strong positioning for next SS23 season. A fresh twist is established through additional shades of peach and rust that fuse into a more edgy look. The palette is inspired by the moment of the sundown and highlights the sensation of warm sunlight on the skin. With heart-warming and sensory properties, orange-colors are exemplary for the SS23 optimism. this palette offers a sense of summer warmth to any outfit and follows s solar and spiritual lead. Furthermore, the palette blends well into fall wardrobes to maintain a feeling of Indian summers.

Aquatic Trance

Nature is continuing to be a relevant driver and source of inspiration for SS23. The aquatic world is moving back into focus, after previous seasons have been heavily impacted by forrest and botanical influences. The myth of the ocean is channeled through a technical lens. It seems like the next assortment of blues is constructing a digital underwater world for SS23. The blue palette steps into an evermore important nod towards turquoise as well as into the familiarity of indigos and light blues. The resulting look is evoking the feeling of a fresh sea breeze and adds much needed cooling for the summer heat.

Terrestrial Power

The narrative surrounding nature and its healing capabilities is extended for SS23. Brown color gradations are taking a promising lead to reference the powers of nature within the context of a transformative season. Deep browns recall the fertility of soil and propose a fruitful ground for new designs to evolve. Browns also provide a warming alternative to blacks and suit the big 2000s influence, a time where browns have been an essential color, once before. Earthy shades are as trans-seasonal as no other and will provide an increased longevity of garments. A mindful pursuit that resonates well with a sustainably-enlightened consumer base.

Elevating the Power Of Color!

Livetrend has gathered the most notable color shifts for SS23, a season that explores next-generation coloring as well as calming essentials. The wide array of surprising nuances is extended through a revival of intense color-blocking and supreme color pops. Outfits feel more stylish than ever, as they build on balanced color combos or evokative clashing combos.

While it is important to provide an elevated range of more classical pieces in comforting tones, the need and desire for novelty is undeniable. As tastes have become more diversified and aesthetics have merged on a lot of levels, colors are  feeling more liberated as well.

With a society stepping out into the blue with need for reset in mind, this can be a great opportunity to test more edgy and exciting colors and infuse garments with much-needed spontaneity and joy during the re-invention of the world.

12 November 2021