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SS23: Bags

Practical and Mood-Boosting

SS23 is celebrating the act of dressing up and feeling good about ourselves again. Bags are experiencing a strong rate of interest and feel more decorative than ever before. From party-ready wristlets and mini bags to essential totes and boxy shapes, the bag assortment needs to be well-balanced to satisfy consumers. Overall, Geometric design has spiked since Givenchy and Balenciaga released their iconic angular bags during the past seasons. Now, elongated forms, trapezes and other experimental shapes are adding an experimental and futuristic feel to the category. The taste for sunny joy and lifted spirits is translated into crafted basket bags and printed totes, that go beyond the beach. Consumers are still focused on purpose, so modular pocket designs and cross-body bucket bags create an enhanced sense of function.</p> <p>For the season, it is important to match consumers need for practicality with an uplifting and contemporary design vision. From daily essentials to eccentric night-outs, the possibility to move from one event to the next remains key. Make sure to invest into hybrid pieces to propose a sense of added value to your clients.

Bag Novelties

The Printed XL Tote

The trend for large bag has turned into a new staple within assortment set ups. The style is essential for travel and more dynamic daytime schedules. For SS23, designers are twisting the tote with enchanting color, material and print choices. The vibration of color is intensified by the possibilities of the tote's large canvas.

The Contemporary Bucket

This season, the bucket bag gets revamped. With more contemporary lines, pushing towards more geometric forms and a flattened elongated shape, the bucket is feeling more sophisticated and genderless than before. The traditional piece is becoming even more versatile due to cross-body straps now. The new contemporary look is able to attract a younger clientele to the bucket bag again.

The Trapeze Shape

Influenced by the iconic jacquemus bag of the season, the trapeze form is one of the new highlights across bag shapes. Influencers are celebrating the geometric look, from mini to elongated models. The sleek angular aesthetic is able to generate sophisticated yet edgy pieces and adds a fashionable nod to every look.

The Micro Bag

The mini bag has been a trend for several seasons now. For SS23, it remains a core style for bags. Consumers have grown used to the possibility of packing their essentials into even smaller products and are appreciating the liberation of having to carry less. The mini is especially trendy in boxy and top-handle interpretations. The piece is important as a new entry-price product and offers an alternative to the classic purse and wallets to attract new clients.

The Shoulder Bag

The big Y2K mania is retaining the shoulder bag at pole position of must-have bags for SS23. The style incorporates a high commercial appeal for fashion-savvy and more classical clients. Due to this large magnitude, the look is a safe bet a for the next season. As a best-seller this product enables your brand to communicate the DNA via hologram logos, small design details and branded buckles, which is essential for brand loyalty and recognition.

The Elongated Shape

The elongated form has been a SS22 highlight across the runways. The piece takes the geometric trend into a new direction and adds a slight futuristic feel to the product group. The more exaggerated, the more the product becomes a fashion statement.

The Multipocket Hybrid

Form and function are important cornerstones for each design these days. SS23 shows a distinct focus on this need for versatility and practicality. New styles combine classical shoulder or messenger bags with added pockets. Design-wise, layering pockets on one another, attaching them on straps or via hooks creates endless possibilities. Clients might even become their own stylists due to modular elements, which helps to establish the relationship to the product.

The Wristlet

An icon is returning. The wristlet is standing for fun and spontaneity like no other bag. Ideal for returning party-nights, the elegant essential is feeling more fresh now. Due to more experimental forms or contemporary design details like chains or scrunched handles, wristlets are given a youthful update and seem like a more extravagant piece for consumers to invest in.

The Modern Saddle

The saddle bag is a classic piece that experienced increased interest rates since the Dior revamp of their iconic essential. Ever since, designers are trying to jump onto the winning streak of the elegant piece. For SS23 the must-have feels way less countryside and historic. Now, it is twisted with a more contemporary edge and minimal notion. Sleek outlines, shiny materials and metal elements are shifting the product away from its historic roots into an exciting future.

The Boxy Style

The boxy shape is a new staple for SS23 product ranges. The trend for geometric shapes remains stable. It manifested its commercial potential and high magnitude during this summer and possibility for novelty during the recent runway season. Consumers are appreciating the clear lines and versatile styling properties of the no-fuzz aesthetic. Especially during a recessionary period, such bags that retain a long-lasting and timeless character should be focused-on within collections.

The Moon Bag

The trend for circular moon bags is established for SS23. After Coperni has infused fashionable consumers with a taste for rounder shapes, the latest Bottega and Balenciaga bag have proven the hype across social media. The circular shoulder bag is a modern alternative for the classic hobo style and guarantees to attract a fashion audience.

The Geometric

For the more edgy clients that favor to think and dress outside of the box, designers are proposing appropriate statement pieces.For SS23, 3-dimensional forms are manifesting the taste for futuristic designs and resonate a sense of liberated creativity. Acne and The Attico are already celebrating the new possibility of such design to launch their new stand-out must-haves.

Versatile collection assortments

As seen above, the bag category is moving away from the pouchy and soft volume styles of previous seasons to more polished and fanciful design. A focus on angular and modular design, twisted with an idea of  bling, steps on top of the trend radar for SS23. From edgy to established designers, the new must-haves are shoulder bags, moon and trapeze designs as well as big totes and the continuous must-have mini. Especially in a recessionary period, such mini accessories at entry price levels seem key to attract clients. Try to create keepsake pieces with statement-appeal or timeless designs to attract your clients and propose better value on investment.

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24 November 2021