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SS22 Trend Story: Naughties

There are two big trends emerging within the fashion scene at the moment that will continue to lead consumers’ tastes throughout the upcoming seasons. Those trends are a heightened sensuality and subversive sexiness, as well as a taste for the late 90s and early 2000s. According to Google Trends the searches for 2000s fashion have been up by +1.650% compared to last year (at the time of compiling this report), including terms such as low-waist pants with +180% and 2000s party outfits with a 300% increase. The Trend Story Naughties is based on these new tendencies and addresses Gen-Z and Millennial clients. However, certain elements can be equally adapted and toned down to other consumer groups as well. This summer story captures the #Y2K trend of porno chic, seductively bold femininity with sleek aesthetic finishes. The interest in #Y2K is especially trending in Asia and the US, as Google data on search volumes suggests, but gains momentum in Europe as well.

With an erotic and dress-to-impress aesthetic, the nostalgic revival adapts perfectly to a demand for versatile party and evening-wear collections, especially within late-summer drops. The rather minimal and body-focused silhouettes of the porno chic are depicting current body-acceptance movements and will resonate well with consumers. The fabrics of choice are feeding into the desire to dress-up and go out. This story’s related fabrics are depicting the entire repertoire surrounding sexiness: lace, sequin, leather, mesh, jersey and sheers are the go-to. Those qualities all provide the possibility to create fluid, draped, tailored or second-skin-like fits and glossily glamorous feels. Jewelry, Hardware and shiny finishes are key details to boost the look. In terms of color-palette, black is exemplifying its power to translate sexiness and power. Use metallics and dusty rose or blue hues to brighten up the palette. Red and Greens, with their  indulgent feel, are important to create stand-out looks and bring sexiness back during a time where it is longed for more than ever.

Materials & Textiles






Negative Spaces

Transparent Bottoms

Mini Dresses

Long Dresses


Of Porno Chic and After-Hours

The majority of key-pieces draws direct reference to staples of the 2000s period: tight tops, skinny low-waist pants, mini-dresses, cropped-tops and crisp tailoring. The cuts and silhouettes are rather sharp, which adds a modern edge. Fashion-forward separates are great for layering or mix and match purposes and make effortless transitions from day to night looks. Reinterpreting the little black dress with straps, cut-outs, rushing and lace-up details adds an eye-catching twist to the staple product. With consumers desiring novelty after a period of loungewear-overload and women dreaming of feeling sexy again, these products will be in high demand when new summer and party seasons are beginning post-pandemic.

Look at old Tom Ford, Prada and Gucci to renew the minimal yet sensual core aesthetics. Also consider iconic Roberto Cavalli looks, currently celebrated by the Kardashians, and expected to gain more commercial value again soon. Be brave and dive into this slightly tacky look to capture the taste of today’s young generation, which is ready for nightlife after the lockdown and willing to invest in new stand-out favorites.