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SS22 Trend Story: Joyful Riviera

Materials & Textiles


Cropped Tops

Summer Shirts

Soft Knots

Soft Tailoring

Cut-Out Dresses

Gathered Details



A Poolside Story

The Trend Story Joyful Riviera is tapping into consumers’ increasing desire to go back to traveling. A nostalgic and peaceful vision of the French Riviera or the Italian Piazza are inducing a spirit of joy and gratitude. Google searches for Summer Holidays 2021 have been up +1800% in February, as well as the searches for summer dresses ( +300%). Consumers are looking towards a more pure and mild understanding of vacation these days, that goes hand-in-hand with a more mindful approach to health and wellness and an increasing interest in nature as a healing source. Reminiscent of 70s hyper-feminine and joyful poolside sceneries, this trend story brings vibration and a flirty yet casual feel to your assortment. 

With a great desire for freshness, the color palette for this story is diving into a more pigmented scheme, that combines vitamin-boosted mid-molds like acid green, fiery orange or pinkish red with tranquil harmonies and washed out pastels ( butter, sage and washed-out light blue). Consider browns and deep dark blues when introducing grounding darker shades. The effect is a solar softness with energetic two-tones combinations, with the color-pair Mauve-Orange being the highlight of the season.

The Key-Materials include linen, soft-knits, barely-there cottons, tactile qualities like toweling or seersucker and lustrous satins. The focus on touch and emotional fluidity becomes omnipresent here and is intensified through new pleated, rushed, puckered or creased material surfaces, which render the feeling of touch more tangible. Consider naive paintings, brush-strokes and foulard-inspired prints to capture the positive spirit and the nostalgic nods to 70s and 80s effortless summer holiday aesthetics. 

In terms of product, we can see the stomach area becoming the new neckline. With cut-out dresses, gathered details and cropped tops that might include straps or leave the stomach showing. Consequently, the feeling of skin and need for a sensual experience, as well as the idea of soaking up the sun unfolds. Soft volumes dominate the shapes. Various knotted pieces, enlarged almost-sheer shirts, wide-leg silhouettes and comfort tailoring are capturing this fresh combination of comfort and sexiness. Playful designs, that incorporate gatherings to create subtle volumes, mild drapes and an easy yet well-dressed feel are essential for this story. 

Make sure to dive into this narrative for SS22 and capture the dreamscape of high-summer vacation life. Infuse your collection with a soft summer glow, yet mood-boosting artistic spirit and incorporate the new key-products to master your best-sellers.