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SS22: Tailoring Trends

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The Bermuda Set


Le Brand Warsav


Simon Miller


The Bermuda Set has increasingly made its way into the staples in terms of summer suits. This youthful trend works especially well to introduce your color palette into the tailoring category. Consider cropped blazers and high waisted bermudas to create more fashionable sets. There are endless possibilities to play with length and with the shape: from cigarette-leg style to boyish double pleated, to create contemporary or more elegant looks.

hot trend

The Cropped Blazer


Le Havre


Kudelina Maru


The Cropped Blazer has been a growing trend for the past season and it is also going to stay in 2022.  Short-sleeved interpretations as M-Kae has integrated into the range are the perfect piece for warm summer days. Cropped blazers stay in line with the consumer’s need for comfort and versatility. They are great seasonless staples and a must-have for transitional seasonal periods. These cropped blazers work especially well in a matching set with skirts and shorts with high-waisted fits. 

hot trend

The Preppy Dress/Skirt Set




Song of Style


For SS22 the Preppy skirt or dress set is back. Those sets reflect the nostalgic nod to a seemingly better past, that has taken over consumer mindsets. With online influences like Emily in Paris and The Crown surrounding Ladie Diana in the 80s, the hyper elegant and posh look is translated into those updated (cropped) blazer and dress/skirt combos. Opt for light and pastel colors, transitional tweeds, gold or other jewel buttons and other trimmings like contrasting piping or pearls.

stable trend

The Belted Waist


Michaela Sordo


Vicolo V

Source Unkown

A more feminine touch is given to the comfort suits, that have taken over the closets for SS22. Through belted elements, a soft focus is given to the waist and enhancing the female silhouette. Women want to feel feminine and sexy again, the belted suit creates this elegance on a sophisticated level. Be creative with the belt and integrate hardware as seen on Givenchy and the Source Unknown or choose very slim straps, like Vicolo, for a more simplistic and sophisticated look.

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The Saharienne

The Frankie Shop


Sudi Etuz


Michael Kors

The Saharienne is a blazer that captures the regained spirit for travel in a period post crisis. Utility details, like topstitched pockets define this piece and add value through practicality and function. The Saharienne is answering to the new-found connection to nature and the outdoors as it proposes new comfort and use to the consumer. You can also elevate this piece to a more glamorous look as seen in Celine and Suki Etuz through shiny finishings and high-end trims. 

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Lightweight Tailoring


Acne Studio



Stagni Studio

Lightweight tailoring is the perfect way to introduce blazers for the warmest days of summer. Opt for barely there fabrics, like lightweight linen, crêpe or wrinkled naturals, while not compromising on the tailoring spirit of the garment. Look at the Source Unknown, Stagni Studio and Authentique to understand how comfort and breathability can be integrated into those soft, almost poetic pieces. This is also a great garment to introduce the taste for nature, raw materials, rough edges and purposeful imperfection, which create a very intimate and personal feel.

hot trend

The Cut-Out Blazer



Gabriele Congelo

Sorelle Moscow


The cut-out has also paved its way into tailoring. For SS22 this translates into a trend for experimental cut-outs in the back or on the waist level. The Cut-Out is a great way to update your classics and give an edgy, feminine, elegant touch to your pieces. The cut-out blazer is ideal to boost the evening-wear categories through its unique and luxurious feel. 

trend up


Philip Lim

Miriam Rincon


Louis Vuitton


Neo Tailoring defines the quest to constantly innovate in pattern making for the tailoring categories. The look is rather sharp and sophisticated, underlining the forward-looking spirit of those pieces. Neo tailoring can be interpreted through layering, as seen at Miriam Rincon, or wrapped as Philip Lim. new collars as in Givenchy or more minimalistic version at Louis Vuitton. The integration of hardware is always a nice detail to boost desiderability. It can be chains or outdoor hooks to give a more edgy twist.

stable trend

The Vest

Hansen & Gretel

Sorelle Moscow



Massimo Dutti

Inspired by the early 2000s sexy and fitted looks, the Tailoring Vest has just been reintroduced to the tailoring category, starting with SS21 fashion shows. As a continuation from FW21, where the vest plays a big role in the 3-piece suit, it will play a front role for Spring/Summer. Even if it’s a piece of masculine inspiration, worn on the skin, the vest will speak to a feminine and glamorous consumer, interpreted as a sophisticated, yet alluring piece as well.

Tailoring Innovation

After a few seasons that tailoring has remained a big trend and now, with two seasons where comfort and loungewear have entered the product range of the various retailers, 2022 is the year to drive innovation in tailoring categories.

There was talk of the suit slump even before coronavirus forced us indoors and replaced our blazers with hoodies.
Plenty of designers believe we’ll be back in formal suits. However, contemporary tailoring is interpreted differently. Generally, oversized or genderless silhouettes are the new go-to fits and the most fashionable client demands hyper creative pattern making and layering. Cropped or belted silhouettes are also key to bring newness and innovation to your tailoring staples. Have a look at Moon_Choi_Studio to push the boundaries or keep an eye on thefrankieshop.

Our forecasting, which mixes data-analysis and human intelligence, gives you a mark to define a stable, increasing or an hot trends, thanks to the icon in the upper left corner of each trend. We will be updating you with more data, with the first deliveries fo SS21 collections.

16 December 2020