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SS22 Prints: Flowerpower

The Joy of the 70s

As tastes for 70s inspired styles are increasing, searches for 70s inspired floral wallpapers have grown by +130% from the previous year. Hippie Styles have similarly shown a +80% growth rate from the past year. For today’s woke generation the 1970s reflects what they are trying to embrace: rebellion with a cause, mindfulness, joy and a mindful and spiritual approach towards the self and the planet. 70s-inspired geometrics have already been one of the top trends on the recent RTW catwalks. But florals are certainly not forgotten in this wave.

Joyful and quirky designs are adding a nostalgic yet youthful twist and respond to a newly desired taste for authentic retro styles. Inspiration is taken from grandma’s attic and retro interiors.¬†Reworking the archives and opting for a slightly faded look can accentuate the authentic vintage feel. Color-wise, vitalizing mixes of green, orange and red are the most celebrated.

The more linear the florals, the more they embrace a cartoon-inspired aesthetic and appeal to an even younger customer. The graphic interpretations can feel more sophisticated and a softer hippie look is turning the look towards a more bohemian aesthetic. Opt for the prints closest to your consumer but do not miss the chance to embark on the movement of joy for SS22.