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SS22 Denim: Color Rinse

An 80’s revival

For the denim categories, an interest in the bold and joyful 80s is manifesting itself in the revival of acid wash treatments. With limits and constraints put to nightlife and going out, especially the younger generations are dreaming themselves to a time, that seemingly boomed with night-life, entertainment and social gatherings. While their social life is happening mainly on-screen, the captivating appeal of washed denim treatments is the social media-ready choice. In youthful looks, an optimistic reaction towards the period after the pandemic is preparing the closets for post-covid events. The rinsed-out finish is equally effective in colorful and simpler denim looks. Consider eco-friendly dyes and washing methods to go with the increased awareness on sustainability and protecting the environment. Try to spread the eclectic spirit, while keeping a considered approach and create a new, purposeful joy!