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SS22 The Nordic Trend Breeze

The Copenhagen shows might not be part of the main fashion capitals, yet their high level of creativity always makes them a key date on fashion agenda’s. This year, as the first IRL season after Covid, the catwalks have been more vibrant than ever. Next to the hyper-fresh and freeing collections of known and up-and-coming labels, the return of the city’s street style icons marked a return of known fashion week excitements. The events’ intense focus on sustainability translated into an array of outdoor events and seemed more appropriate than ever. On the runways, we could see arrays of gorgeous monochrome neutrals, a myriad of blazers and trench coats which proof how minimalism can still make waves. However, maximalist color schemes with playful hues seem to have stood the test of the zeitgeist and infuse the runways for SS22 with orange and juicy pastels.

The most ambitious, and the most serious of all Fashion Weeks.

Take a look at the runway highlights that might not only be relevant for Scandinavian markets but appear to fan into the broader fashion climate as well. Make sure to understand the Livetrend forecasting icon. The stable arrow indicates a prevailing and stable trend within the market, while growing and decreasing arrows depict the increased or stagnant potential of a trend for the next season. With the flame icon, Livetrend suggest that a trend is either more edgy or one of the core highlights within this season. Let’s explore the collections now:

The Highlights:

Summer Quilting

hot trend

Credits: Rotate, Skall-Studio, Rains, Brogger, Helmstedt

Off-Beat Orange

hot trend

Credits: Baum und Pferdgarten, Ganni, By Marlene Birger, Mark Kenly Domino Tan, Saks Potts


trend up

Credits: Baum und Pferdgarten, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Saks Potts, Mark Kenley Domino Tan, Rains

Casually Suited.

trend up

Credits: Gestuz, Rodebjer, Rotate, Lovechild 1979, Ganni

Summer Sparkles

trend up

Credits: Ganni, Gestuz, Rabens Saloner, Rotate, Stine Goya

Artful Abstraction

stable trend

Credits: Brogger, Lala Berlin, Rodebjer, Rotate, Stine Goya

It's a match!

stable trend

Credits: Gestuz, Helmstedt, Rabens Salonere, Rotate, Saks Potts

Low-Waist Track

trend up

Credits: Division, Designer Remix, Rains, Soulland, Rotate

Peachy Pastels

stable trend

Credits: Henrik Vibskov, Lovechild 1979, Brogger, Stine Goya, Stine Goyal

Keyhole Vision

hot trend

Credits: Division, The Royal Danish Academy, A. Roege Hov, Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard, A.Roege Hov

Scandinavian Fashion on the radar!

These are the highlight trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week. As seen above some prevailing staples, like matching sets, pastels and loose-fit suit combinations are still dominating the runways. But there is some level of freshness proposed by the Scandinavian fashion scene. A new take on summer-quilting and rain-gear is making sure that style and function are well combined when facing the continuous changes in climate patterns. Along those lines, the low-waist track proposes versatile qualities and out-doors potential, while purposefully nodding towards the 00s influx that is celebrated by millennial and get-z clients at the moment. Sparkles and boosting oranges are grasping the need for joy and celebration, while sexy mini cut-outs intensify the consumer’s need for seduction and desire. Make sure to get inspired by the runways ease and laid-back glamour to incorporate the youthful and energized spirit of SS22 Copenhagen Shows into your assortment.

14 September 2021