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SS22 Bag Trends

Bagged-up for any-occasion!

It seems unsurprising that a season that has put a focus on celebration and fun is matched with a wide array of celebratory and eye-catching bags.
Some trends of the previous season remain, there were large numbers of mini bags, big shoppers and detachable details. This season, printed shoppers were mostly in match with the rest of the outfit for a full statement style.
Other large bags included hobos and knitted, preferably fishnet, market bags. Crochet styles were also relevant across more edgy shows. Linked to such a taste for craft, fringes feel more artsy than before and add a heritage twist to a renown look.
The most edgy items include symbolic shapes like hearts, stars, fruits or even animals. These bags are part of the red-carpet-at-home trend, which is popular across most categories for SS22.
Lastly, new iconic shapes have risen on the catwalks. For next summer season half-moon bags, wristlets and elongated shapes will become sophisticated classics and should not be missed in a fashionable product range.

Do not forget that sustainability in this category is crucial. From textile bags, made to upcycle the ready-to-wear leftovers to new leather alternatives, the research and development of leather goods is finding creative solution and reliable suppliers. Feel free to ask for our selection using the Livetrend Chat.

The Bag Highlights

Carrying a dozen

Knitted Market Bag

Printed Shopper

Elongated Shapes

Wristlet Wake-Up

Half-Moon Handle

Fringe Details

Simply Symbolic

Small and Sparkling

Huge Hobo

Ready for Reality

While the SS22 are predominantly making statements due to their embellished and fanciful look, the need for practicality is still satisfied. Big Hobos and shoppers, as well as wristlets and multi-bags enable consumers to store their essentials or to bag up for more. Now is the season to get more creative, consumers are seeking to invest into bags again and look for exciting new keepsake pieces. Being unique will make you stand out and such new trends are guaranteed to boost any assortment for the upcoming summer.

On the top left, the Livetrend stamp helps you to identify the type and the risk of each trend. To fully understand the relevance of the trend for your brand, take a look at the explanations on the right. The trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and position the trend within your market for SS22.

3 November 2021