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SS21: Must Have Details

the most seen on the runways



Utility Pockets

Pockets are everywhere! With a growth index of 25% compared to SS20, we can detect an evolution of this utility detail and workwear element. This trend traces back to new needs of practical and commuter-friendly design and should be a staple for the next summer collections. Interpretations range from combat-inspired utility at Marine Serre to a more elegant feel at Hermès.



Power Shoulders

Power Shoulders continue to rise and have been a focal point of this runway season. Inspiration for this trend detail is drawn from the 80s but also from more digital and gaming sources. Livetrend detected a 13% growth index in Power Shoulders compared to SS20. Balmain and Givenchy are pushing the idea and are presenting exaggerated interpretations of this detail for SS21. 




A stable trend for SS21 is the Cut-Out. Designers are becoming even more creative within their pattern making and draping to propose innovative possibilities to show the skin. Cut-Outs are a great way to put the skin and the human in focus, while giving possibilities to update bestsellers and elevate commercial pieces. Mugler and Chloé have shown that Cut-Out details can be very sophisticated as well. 



Puffed Sleeves

The Puffed Sleeve is still there. Romantic escapes and feminine sentiments are continuing to demand for this element to stay. Eclectic at Loewe or more subtle at Adeam, the puffed sleeve is a showstopper in the real-world and on the screens. This trend detail is speaking for the joy of flamboyant dress and indulgent luxuries, which consumers are longing for today. However, a decreasing growth index of 25% might indicate, that this trend is facing its last seasons. 




Innovative Hardware has been a key element on the runways. With an increase rate of 32% compared to SS20, we’ve detected a trending taste for buckles, jewels and metal pieces. Metal chains are especially popular, since they are proposing an innovative way of combining garment and accessories into one product. Hardware is interpreted in both, minimal and maximal, executions. ALYX and Givenchy are showing how metal details can manifest a sense of rock while keeping a luxurious touch.



Big Collars

Big, bigger, collar! An astonishing growth index of 500% of SS21 versus SS20, makes the big and oversized collar a key trend element for the next summer collections. The big collar is hitting the peak of its trend-cycle and will be a safe-bet for SS21. Ideal to impress on Zoom and Instagram, oversized collars are framing the face and help people express themselves in digital contexts. Rokh and Mash Ma are combining this feminine detail in slightly dystopian context and inherit the collar with an inspiring twist. 



Low Waist

A new taste for the early 2000s has been captured by cropped tops and low waists. Low rise pants have been 52% more visible on the runways than in SS20 shows. Taking us back to the beginning of the century, these youthful pants are going to play a big role for Millenials and Gen-Z. Versace and Koche have featured several low-waist styles this season and shown how the 2000s trend can be adapted 20 years later.



Bare Back

Bare to bare back seems to be the motto of the season. Open backs are updating the cut-outs we have been following for some seasons now. A growth index of 176% compared to the last season, indicates that this trend is brand-new and paving its way into the markets. The bare back detail is a perfect opportunity to add elegance to wovens or knits, dresses and tops. This detail brings a “coup de theatre” on clothes with this more feminine and sophisticated detail, and it can also upgrade minimalistic products. Erdem and Barbara Bui show their bestselling products with this detail to get ready for the next season. 

Update with the right details

Based on Livetrend’s data, we’ve organized the Must Have Details for Spring/Summer 2021 by the number of outfits, which you can find on the left. You can find in the description below the trend growth index YOY.

As the upcoming trends of the season we’ve detected bare backs and low-rise pants as trends with the biggest magnitude on socials. Both styles have freshly made it onto the runway and show an interesting potential. Big collars have established as a real trend already from FW20 and continue to keep their importance at least for next season. Other slightly updated and stable trends from SS20 are hardware details, cut-outs and full volume. We see a great potential in patch pockets, in a utilitarian and almost military way, to update your trouser, jacket and outerwear categories.
To notice that big shoulders, which have been relevant for a few seasons now, continue to be a safe-bet. This statement attribute can be as commercial than edgy, as several best-sellers of the past season have shown us. If you want to add the most fashionable power shoulders, you can try the new pagoda shoulder as seen at Balmain, or the rugby shoulder shown at Rick Owens.

21 September 2020