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SS 22: Colors

Translate Emotion with Color!

The Uncertainty that has covered most of 2020 and extends into 2021 demands an even more balanced color range for SS22. The more versatile, the more able you will be to respond to the more individualist and differing consumer sentiments. With color’s psychological ability to affect the mood and sentiments of people, try to provide reassurance while bringing joy and positivity.

New beiges and sedimental earthy tones should extend your palette of neutrals for SS22, tapping into the idea of undyed and eco-friendly materials. The familiar and long-lasting effects of this product are a great way to create pieces for transitional periods. 

Livetrend technology has tracked the rise of tender bolds, that are pinpointing the optimism and mood-boosting quality of color, while not pushing the limits too much. Statement pieces like those can be carefully paired with pastels and beiges or more radical in a contemporary tender color-block. 

The evolution of bold colors focuses on warm and summery red and orange, a new mysterious palette of greens and a bold yet subtle story of purple and pink berry tones. Take a looks at the colors you should introduce in your palettes to bring newness while keeping a familiar and comforting spirit.

Light Colors

Faux Beiges

The intensified focus on nature and calming palettes, is captured by those new „faux beiges“ which update and/or extend the palette of beige that has been a solid trend for the past seasons. The subtle color hues bring lightness and freshness and create a poetic color story. There is a slight nostalgia in those washed-out neutrals, which works well in monochrome looks but also pairs well with the tender-brights that are the novelty of SS22. 


Sage-colors are tapping into the greyed-off neutrals and brings a sense of purity and nature-focus. Light blue has been one of the main colors on the SS21 runways and will be joined in it’s light, yet easy to wear qualities, for SS22 by sage tones. These shades are a great way to bring newness to your grays and balance the pieces for the transitional seasons. Sage is great to soften utility-driven products or to integrate into your basics line-up

Butter & Yellow

Butter and Yellow will experience a shift towards softer hues. The creamy, buttered yellows are popular with Bottega Veneta and Jil Sander as they perfectly capture an optimistic yet subtle spirit. The desaturated light yellows have strong commercial qualities. Opposed to those toned yellows, we can see bolder yet warm yellows, that lean towards orange, which will be mood-enchanting options for statement pieces. 

Retro Pastels

Pastels have retained their popularity over the past seasons and will not leave in SS22. However, the juicy and candy feel of today’s pastels will be replaced by more washed and nostalgic shades. The new pastels have a mineral and less-saturated feel. Retro pastels are the perfect counterpart to the tender-bolds of SS22, as they allow you to create a balanced yet youthful look. Overall these retro pastels drive a more luxurious feeling within those light brights.

Natural Colors


The new sediment palette taps into the focus on commercial browns and elevated neutrals. While reassuring the consumer through earthy qualities, those sediment tones also bring a more bohemia sense of escapism. They feel raw and undefined and resonate comfort and warmth. Get inspired by stones and sands for your color palettes and combinations.

Bold Colors

Tender Bolds

The new tender bolds are balancing the sweet pastels and neons of past seasons. Their vibrant feel is bringing optimistic hues to vocational stories and mood-enchanting color palettes. These tender bolds are a great way to express creativity and individuality via color blocking, or be pared down combined with neutrals, our faux-beiges or washed pastels. Create stand-out pieces to make subtle statements with those colors for a balanced collection plan.

New Greens

The turn towards nature and more restful lifestyles is reflected by an increase in greens for SS22. A wide range of new more mysterious hues is important here. The whole palette shifts towards a yellowy tint, capturing a soft and plant-based notion. Olive will become a great staple color for utility looks and new-lifestyle appropriate basics.


The colors of the sundown also tap into the vibrant, optimistic vacation stories of SS22. Their signaling effect makes them a great choice for statement-pieces. A slight retro feel, that goes well with the retro resort stories, brings reassurance which is much needed for bold colors facing recessionary clients. Rusty oranges introduce a earthy, more toned town hue into this palette.

Bold Berries

Fuchsia has been a major trend for the past season and is updated with a nod towards more purple berry palettes. The mood-enchanting and feminine quality of pink and purple resonates well with clients and will continue to drive a more eclectic and joyful moment in SS22. Dark beet colors are great alternatives for black, while a more chalky version of lilac is a great way to introduce a lighter shade.

Embrace The Power Of Color!

Livetrend has compiled the new highlight colors and the evolution of current trend-colors for SS22. Beginning to work on your collections, make sure to consider the duality of colors for the Spring/Summer season. Beware that you need to bring novelty, while remaining in a comforting sphere. 

The prevailing optimism of the season is best captured through new combinations of mid-bolds and washed-off pastels. Saturated oranges, reds and berries are also funneling into the positive and mood-boosting stories. The warmer yellows and greens also channel the warmth and comfort that colors should be proposing for SS22, after a period where clinical spheres and uncertainty have dominated the population.

Tapping into the attitudes of a more ecologically aware and sustainability-driven consumer,  you might consider eco-friendly dyes for your garments. The new faux beiges, butter and sauge are great shades for undyed, natural interpretations. 

5 January 2021