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Trend Alert: Seductive Black Dress

The black dress to remember

Thanks to the influences of LVMH prize winner Nensi Dojaka and her new eye for body liberation and female empowerment and the naughties porno chic, the cut-out dress has turned out to be one of the essential pieces to define our current zeitgeist. With the cut-out being a constant favorite across the past fashion shows and a key style for fashion influencers across social media channels, new DNVBs have emerged that build their entire brand identity around the new aesthetic. While the cut out and asymmetric body con silhouette can be found across all color-palettes, from edgy to more commercial and from skirt sets to dresses in various lengths, the mini black dress is the most recognizable. Some inspiring brands that captures the look:  @ayamuse , @tyrellbrand , @hyeinantwerp , @supriyalele, @nensidojaka , ….