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Retail Radar Denim Men

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Key Styles Evolution

Spring 2023 Denim Range

Dualistic Directions. Denim is heading to a strong y2k revival for menswear, proposing two antithetic directions. Under the influence of subcultural trend themes, the baggy wide fit is consistently growing: +291%. This spike in growth is mitigated by another increasing trend, as the millennial slim line standing out as another Spring 2023 protagonist. The graph on the right shows that straight and slim shapes make more than a half of the overall assortment, with skinny jeans representing 37,4% of the assortment, followed by slim lines (19,6%) and straight-leg (16,2%). The huge spotlight gained by these fits is also confirmed by a growth of +25% of stretch fabrics for denim, which underlines even more the skinny revival for menswear. Distressed and destroyed effects are still present for young market, but for mainstream clients, sleek super stretch styles are appearing in several e-commerce. Straight leg remain a must, adopted as a main trend and accounts for 16% of the global assortment. Cargo denims are at 8% of the range and show a consistent increase from last year.

Commercial Performance. Last year, skinny denim performed well for menswear in March, so it is not surprising to see more deliveries of this style during this period. Confirmation was that February 2023 has been a month with an increase in skinny jeans out-of-stocks. It is to be considered that June 2022 was another star month for this product. Globally straight leg has been the best sale for SS22, so be aware that you should still invest in this style in your denim range. In fact, it has been a good performer last February and the best-seller of March 2023.

Denim Spring Color Range

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Styles Spotlight

The Second Skin

As seen above, skinny assortment is growing in the ecommerce, as well as consumer interest compared to last year. The volume of search shows that the hot markets for this trend are France, Germany, US and the North and East of Europe. Search are often associated to skinny flare or skinny bootcut or even cargo. The most searched brands for these products are Carhartt, Gstar, Purple brand, Billionaire Boys Club.


The Millennial Distressed

Globally consumer interest on skinny has been stable during the whole year, but skinny distress jeans have been a quite unstable trend, loosing -15% on the market YOY and -14% on online searches now. Hot markets for this trend are now South East Asia, Australia, Russia, Brasil, England and Germany. The brands associated to those searches are Shein, Trapstar, Next, Boohooman.


The Cargo

As predicted, Cargo jeans are steadily rising in consumer interest, that is expressed by the growth of consumer searches online for this product. The hot markets for this trends are: South Est Asia,  Middle East, England and US. This search is often associated with baggy jeans (+200%) or parachute pants.


The Carpenter

Carpenter jeans are rising in consumer interest compared to last year. This data expresses the volume growth of consumer searches online for this product and also highlight that the hot markets for this trends are: England, US and North Of Europe. This search is often associated with oversize and baggy jeans as much as with regular fit jeans. The most searched brand for carpenter jeans are Pull and Bear, Eightyfive, Boohooman, Abercrombie and Madewell.


The Wide Skater

Skater jeans, as baggy styles, are very popular and rising 130% in consumer interest that express the volume growth of consumer searches online for the product. Hot markets for this trend are North of Europe, Italy, France, Germany, Poland and US. The brands associated to skater pants are Empyre, Bonkers, Stussy, Weekday and H&M.


The Parachute

Denim parachute pants are rising 200% in consumer interest that express the volume growth of consumer searches online for the product. Hot markets for this trend are Great Britain, US, North of Europe, Germany, Poland, Italy and France. To notice that there is a particular interest for white parachute pants right now.


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This denim retail radar include a global analysis on jeans range for Spring 2023. It highlights trends that stand out based on visibility and growth across global e-commerce assortment. This denim category analysis includes shapes, colors, finishings and decode the market share compared to the consumer interest, to highlight the most interesting products to help you bet on the right product. If you have a precise need or any question about this product range, do not hesitate to contact us via chat to have more information.

24 March 2023