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Retail Narrative: Soulful Serenity

credits: The Goetheanum , Max Mara, @auralee, Cult Gaia, @dinokusnik, Paul Smith, Christopher Esber, @fearofgod, Jonathan Simkhai, Cult Gaia

A Poetic New World. This spring concept is drawing on the ongoing desire for sooting and mindful balance that consumer’s have put much more emphasis on during the pandemic. In a poetic format, this trend explores a new utopian uniform that embraces all the necessary ingredients for solace: purity, natural components, intimate tenderness, visionary minimalism and a genderless notion.  The emerging look defines a timeless and chic new uniform that is set to adapt to dynamic lifestyles while maintaining its calm. Fluidity and supersets are key here. From indulgent sleepwear satins to almost sheers and organic knits, materials draw on a repertoire of enhanced and curated styles that translate this familiar dreamtopia. On that dreamy note, gentle neutrals and subtly pigmented pastels enhance this pure and classy look. Slightly outlandish drapes, modern forms for wedges and metal trims, as well as soft sparkles or smooth gradients simultaneously enhance the mildly futuristic undertone and elevate the look of previous seasons.

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Poetic Wellness

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23 November 2023