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Retail Narrative: Lucid Dreams

credits: @5vie, Jonathan Simkhai, Martin Across, @giovannimarai, @modaoperandi, Jonathan Simkhai, Zimmermann, @kukuwilliams

Tranquil Dreamers. This ceremony narrative depicts a lucid dream in tender colors and shimmering surfaces. The story offers a utopian setting to upcoming summer occasions and defies the hardship of the daily life and state of the world. In  sleek and fluid silhouettes dipped in softly blurred prints and digital marble 2.0, trending styles create a delicate digital moment. Garments are approached with a liquid and highly elegant touch, exploring femininity through tender elegance. Lights play an important role for textiles and details: iridescence ignites the themes’s textile surfaces, transparencies add intimacy and both incorporate a subtly   futuristic allure. The silhouettes are extending the current taste for drapes and slinky satins but add a distinctly otherworldly notion.

Must-Haves for the Look

The featured growth indexes refer to the yearly market growth of the trend and to the growth in consumer searches.

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The data in the the retail narrative’s moodboard features instagram growth index. The data relates to keywords that match the concept and shows the yearly evolution of each trend. The selected must-haves are based on current market data and yearly searches rates. Here the percentage describes the visibility yearly growth of each product across e-commerces. The manifestation across multiple channels, from Instagram to E-commerce, proposes this trend as a coherent and successful evolution to structure, build and highlight your collection assortments. If you need further narratives to succeed with your collection’s retail, please contact us in the chat.

15 February 2023