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Retail Narrative: Gypsy Sorcery

credits: KNWLS, Dsquared2, @bennipatellaro, @noore, Ulla Johnson, Sir, Freepeople, Stradivarius, @theleoisallinthemind

« Contemporary Pagans » Today, a subculture of pagans who use TikTok to share spells, learn about mythology and connect with co-religionists is united by a reverence for nature and a belief in one’s ability to interact with deities and energies throughout the universe. As young people search for religion, or simply spirituality, many are turning to witchcraft. This might be because teens are inspired by trending TV shows and movies and because their alchemist approach to religion values nature and aligns with the dangers of our ecological crisis. The look of contemporary pagans blends an important trending grunge aesthetic that reminds us of the 2000s period with a timeless bohemian and nomad style. Layering is key for the look and asymmetric or rugged effects can even enhance the gypsy feel of the theme.  Playing with textured materials, such as shearling, leather, textured knits or velvety effects are essential for an authentic and raw look. At the same time historical, botanical, spiritual and hand-made prints juxtapose for a unique aesthetic. Chain and gemstone add-ons, as well as fringed or hand-trimmed seams can also contribute to a bohemian effect and take clients into a gloomy phantasy of fortune telling and spells. In terms of colors, phantasmagoric new darks diffuse somber looks with deep burgundy and brown tones. Reddish, golden and swampy greens recreate an almost nocturnal ambiance and harmony set in a magical forest.

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Fate & Fortune

This trend is balancing all the ingredients of spirituality, heritage and dressing up. A maximalist approach to texture and shape is paced with grounded and subdued palettes and materials that provide us with the reassuring comfort of the past. However, the influx of online gaming does not hesitate to add a digital spark and modern sharpness to the theme. Overall, the trend proposes a look that can feel dressy and extravagant, but also deeply rooted in nature. As modern sorcerers, clients can now explore their spiritual connection to energies of past, present and future and escape an over-accelerated and unpredictable reality.

6 September 2022