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Working on Prints

What goes around comes around, but cooler.

Flowers are a great must-have of every collection. The trend now shows ditsy flowers, close together or spaced, with pastel backgrounds for a lolita style or dark backgrounds for a 90’s grunge allure. Flowers evolve and bloom on prints reminiscent of vintage sofas or become a blend of oriental worlds, mixed with¬† Arabic architecture elements or traditional Persian carpet patterns. So the direction for future collections is a dream of an oriental garden.

A new arty mood is rising since covid have stimulated creativity during quarantine and new creative and artistic prints will be a unique way to stand out. Brushstrokes of color for a hand-painted effect is the perfect way to give a plus value to your collection, even more if the print is from a collaboration with a rising artist.

Patchwork is a rising trend, thank to his upcycling values, and it is influencing also prints by mixing different elements for sophisticated and modern mix & matches. Postcard printing, on the other hand, almost seems to be linked to the events that have hit us lately. If we are far away we can bridge the gap with a delicate stationery print that perhaps revisits a McQueen classic, “Letters from India”.

We should definitely mention the tie&dye print. It was on a descendant curve before the quarantine but thanks to the DIY habits we take at home, tie&dye technique has contaminated all the Instagram fashionistas. The catwalks have already proposed a modern and sophisticated evolution of its aesthetics. So tie&dye are becoming more sophisticated, like blurred flowers or wonderful color gradation printed on fancy materials as fringes. The big interest is also coming from the final consumer, as demonstrated by Instagram with more than 3,5k #tiedye and +36% compared to last year.