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SS22: Psychedelic Digitals

Prints with a digital edge

This trend pattern comes along a with an increased interest in digitally rendered print narratives. Artificial shapes and colors are the key elements of this futuristic pattern. Smooth gradients, abstract shapes and digitally filtered techniques are applied to achieve an otherworldly aesthetic. Psychedelic shapes and colors are as equally as important. This escapist sentiment refers to consumer’s increased interest in exploring the future, outer space and artificial realities. This print works especially well for digital screen-ready looks. The mood is very eccentric and bold, which makes this print a festival-ready staple. 

Fenty, The Attico, Shie Liu and Maimoun NY are already upgrading the constant tie-dye narrative with this new digital psychedelic print story. Use those trend pattern if  you want to enhance your collection with a digital edge, that resonates especially well with Gen-Z.