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Do more with less

Livetrend technology has detected an emerging trend, which is unravelling with different variants, but clearly identifiable in patchwork. The growing interest in upcycling has brought the collections up to date. This anti-waste fashion has resulted in several designers using scraps of fabric, creating or recreating new and interesting mix & matches. This contamination is very strong in ready-to-wear but has reached the haute couture. Even if this is a technique more associated with humble craft and DIY clothes-making than haute couture. Watching the Victor & Rolf fashion show, we can only be amazed by the richness of the materials. Having already used fabric leftovers from their old seasons to create the haute couture collections, this time they are recuperating the samples without using from their atelier. Guo Pei also, for her haute couture runway show, has reworked old obi and kimono, leaving the floating threads of the motifs visible and working over them with embroidery for a dreamlike final effect. These two are the most emblematic and advanced examples of this trend. They show how to sublimate an ecological and responsible trend, opening up the field of the possible.
For the 2020 pre-fall, several brands from Ny, Paris and Milan, have followed this trend, thanks to printed games, jacquard knits, or real patchwork of materials and patterns. Ulla Jonhson, Koché, N21, Etro, Ports 1961, R13, Chufy and Givenchy, in the images above, illustrate that the patchwork trend got off to a good start.