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Loungewear Trend: Earthy Recovery

The nurturing qualities of Mother Nature

Wellness is on the radar. With an on-going health crisis consumers are focusing more intensely on their well-being, physical and mental health. A new generation is seeking to balance their life on numerous levels: rest and activity, work and leisure, on-line and off-line. Materials with healing and beautyfying properties, as well as beauty with novel recovering effects are on the rise. For loungewear collections that seek to tap into the holistic wellness movement, storytelling can be oriented at the soothing powers of Mother Nature. Neutral color palettes are sought for more and more, balancing beiges, off-whites and browns are essential. Currently trending are sets in knitwear and smooth jerseys. Ribbed long sweater dresses, leggings and wide-leg pants are key and met with essentials of tops, t-shirts and bodies. Setting on the longevity and season-less appeal of such collections and products is going to resonate with a broad consumer range across all genders and ages. Earthy-inspired recovery looks are a safe trend for clients across commercial and fashionable markets as well. Focusing on the well-being of the planet and sustainable materials is an important add-on to these collections as well.