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LIVETREND: FW21 Trend – Radical Recycle

Credits: Dolce & Gabbana, Shuting Qiu, Marni, Marine Serre

Nothing to waste!

Rebellion has always been a virtue of fashion and the industry’s ability to influence the masses has been one of its biggest assets. During the FW21 Fashion Weeks, the powers of the runways have been challenged to deliver messages about eco-responsibility and sustainability. Consumers are demanding for something more concrete now and designers seemed to finally translate goodwill into action, reaching beyond mere aesthetic purposes. The trend direction Radical Recycle is suggesting that circular fashion has finally reached a normative standpoint within the industry.

Challenging aesthetics and good-taste is coming alongside the consumer-driven value shifts, which change the way in which we perceive quality and luxury fashion. The runway shows were always associated with heritage, savoir-faire and craftsmanship, but that has been changed now. Worn-out and Mix&Match-looks are increasingly high on demand. It seems like the enlightened younger generation and more educated designer-mindsets have managed to twist the visual standards of the industry. The executions are feeling rebellious, almost provocative and push all boundaries of creativity. While thoroughly designed patchwork garments and clashing different material is not only creating visually interesting looks, it also allows designers to re-purpose their dead-stock materials and be truthful to their design inspirations. Colors for this trend are citing a bold and youthful palette, while prints and materials are featuring the entire archives. Designers have also demonstrated how  adding accessories, embroidery and trims is highly effective in pushing the limits of these new hot-topic pieces even further. 

Time for change!

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8 March 2021