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LIVETREND SS22 Prints: Aquarelle Florals

Soft Creativity inspires Florals for SS22

While spring had shown a prevalence of stripes and wavy animal effects, Livetrend Analytics detects that Summer 2021 collections are currently including 20% of floral prints. For the upcoming season, Aquarelle Delights (floral motifs with a hand-painted appeal), are offering novelty for the classical graphic staple.

With the saturation of the bucolic cottage-core trend, but continuous upheavals of femininity and romanticism, this print direction is reflecting the zeitgeist. The overarching femininity, which is embedded in this style, links to the rediscovery and celebration of a mindful and empowered womanhood. This new woman is giving a fresh face to romanticism. Combined with the urges for self-expression and craft, the usually dated concept around femininity is now induced with a more contemporary edge. The result is a broad and variety of uniquely hand-painted florals. Their commercial potential and high magnitude are making them a staple for upcoming summer collections.

To translate the soft, yet individual print trend, incorporate brushstroke effects, aquarelle fades and indefinite linear outlines. As a result of this arty look, women are turning into walking canvases, into muses. Through further purposeful imperfections within the coloring of the floral print, you can give an even more intensified sense of character to each garment. An emotive look, which links to the consumer’s new values of individuality and a more elevated consciousness towards the self. These sentiments are resonating strongly with Gen-Z. The success is also reflected within the rapid adaption of this floral style across Social Media. All of these elements make painted effects on florals a safe bet for the next season. Make sure to embark on this trend and enhance your collection with a subtle sense of creative femininity.

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