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LIVETREND : FW21 Trend – Easy Office

Credits: Andrea Pompilio, CHB, Ports 1961, Anteprima

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Designers are looking towards designing for a life post-pandemic. Infused by a strong drive to take back the world, people are ready to establish a new normal life again. Gradually restoring normality, the idea of returning back to the office and to commuting on the daily moves back into perspective. Subsequently, Easy Office has surfaced on the FW21 runways. Within this narrative, designers have proposed garments that help to ease the transition from comfort-driven home-office styles back into smart and powerful wardrobes, needed to conquer meeting-rooms. Their answer to make this shift as smooth as possible is a variety of elevated basics.

The quest of redefining the workday wardrobe triggered an increase in rather minimal hybrid pieces that fuse the universes of smart business-attire with the non-negotiable comfort of casual wear. Incorporating a distinctly trans-seasonal character and functionality-driven properties, key products on the runways were smartened-up sets, both casual and crisp tailoring, suit combinations with skirts, soft volume tops and multipurpose (knit-)-dresses. Overall, aesthetic nods towards empowered-femininity and a futuristic uniformity unify those new working styles. Soft utility details are bringing a contemporary edge to the designs, while  unexpected drapes or cut-outs add a more elegant touch . The color-harmonies enhance the mild and modern look by channeling a muted palette, ranging from clean and monochromatic black to white and incorporating washed-pastels to add a more luminous and optimistic twist. Finally, to achieve change you need to feel empowered and those sleek, yet soft designs enable you to do so.

Time for change!

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8 March 2021