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Knit Trend: Patterned Knits

Not the ugly christmas sweater

Patterned and printed knitwear has popped up as a new trending favorite across the last seasons and this time around it seems to be there to stay. From kinetic geometrics, to marbles, landscapes and slogans, the youthful knitwear look is spreading across the fashion market. With knitwear remaining the top category, especially during winter seasons, the youthful upgrade is much-appreciated by consumers that aim for cozy comforts yet seek to make a statement and display their positive outlooks on the future. Vibrant color combinations are essential for this look, while Stella McCartneys latest drop has shown that color and pattern clashes combined can fuse into a new exciting aesthetic as well. Amp up the knitwear range with energizing designs and brighten-up the cold season.