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Intimate and Lingerie Concepts 2023

What themes direct intimates in the upcoming seasons?

The pandemic and lack of social interaction has emphasized the need for intimacy and human interaction. The consequence: A literal craze for skin, sensuality and the exploration of desires. While RTW is already trying to incorporate such concepts via cut-outs and new layering silhouettes, intimate categories are able to explore those ideas even more explicitly. For lingerie, the newest trends incorporate an updated understanding of femininity, body and self-expression. From more nostalgia-driven concepts, to more juicy and eclectic looks, the broad range of design directions makes sure to match the current multitude of consumer needs and styles. Apart from, that, lingerie is becoming more and more diverse in itself. Individual products are brought out from underneath and explore the potential of bras, bralettes and camisoles worn as tops. These are the latest highlight aesthetics and design directions, which are dominating the market and will prevail through the upcoming 2022/23 seasons:

Highlight Trend Concepts

Internal and External Health

Credits: @wearkent, @freepeople , @skims, @garmentory, @girlfriend / Credits: @ laperlalingerie, @thegreateros , @giocondacollective, @baserange, @wearekent

The awakening in terms of health and wellness has paved its way into the intimate category. With underwear being in the most direct contact with the body, it comes as no surprise that comfort and well-being are core elements of this theme. Sustainable materials that have minimal impact on planet and body, as well as easy-wear and comfortable, form-appreciating cuts are building the base for new wellness-inspired intimate looks. The new understanding of feminine bodies and inclusivity simultaneously results in diversified nude palettes, naturally pigmented color hues and serene white palettes to create a distinctly calming effect. These styles find soft sensuality and an inclusive sense of spirituality within their look and make sure to accentuate an overall harmonious appeal.

Subversive 00s

Credits: @cocodemeruk, @tankairstudio, @agentprovocateur , @tarynwinterslingerie, @bluebella / Credits: @chantelle_paris, @chantelle_paris, @revolve, @atelierbordelle , @livystudio

The 90s and 00s are currently impacting the fashion industry. While Pornochic à la Tom Ford is favored more and more in RTW, lingerie categories are impacted by the style’s return as well. For intimates, this idea means exploring seductive desires, such as bondage and seductive feminism. Straps, harsh lines and deep blacks reflect this powerful influence. Next to minimalistic and sleek styles, rather tacky and overly sexualized cheetah and glittery looks are simultaneously inherent for the concept. With both style directions well balanced, a timeless and cutting-edge effect is fusing pronounced outlines and bedazzling femininity in a contemporary manner. The Naughties look is a staple within Intimate styles of the current zeitgeist and a safe bet for the next year.

Bucolic Softness

Credits: @zara, @lorettelingerie, @forloveandlemons , @pretties, @underprotection / Credits: @forloveandlemons, @maimoun_ny, @ohhhlulu , @ behen.studio , @esmesdrawertoo

Cottagecore styles are slowly fading away from the RTW sector, yet intimates are still largely impacted by bucolic and nostalgic looks. Floral motifs, handmade crochet, embroidery, lace, eyelets, bows and ribbons – you name it – all of those elements meet the desired appeal of dreamy underwear that reminds us of the past. Inspired by grandma’s attic and countryside interiors, lingerie styles are exploiting the repertoire of embellishments and intricate detailing to its maximum. The palette is grounded in whites and met with softly colored floral shades, preferably nuancing between blush blue, green, pink and red. The commercially approved sense of femininity, which is embraced by such cottage styles guarantees best-selling pieces for the next season and matches the need for ultra-feminine yet soft and comfortable looks.

Tropical Taste

Credits: @farmrio, @agentprovocateur, @farmrio, @honeybirdette, @parade / Credits: @bimbyandroy, @forloveandlemons, @forloveandlemons, @delannika, @fruitybootyunderwear

Tropic and high-summer themes are reaching out into the intimates segment for SS22. The return to travel has consumers dream of more and more far-off destinations with a juicy and mood-enchanting vibe. Hyper-bright color hues and exotic florals are key to manifest this trend within assortments. While the idea of travel and exploration is deeply embedded within this key style, the perseverance of wildlife and nature is similarly relevant regarding all the optimistic botanical and cultural motifs. This style direction is guaranteed to get the vacation mindset and relaxation groove on already before the next holiday travel begins.

Defining Bodies and Touch

Credits: @agentprovocateur, @ itsmaryyoung, @touristmagazine_, @georgiaebayliss,@DonnaTrope / Credits: @areyouami, @maimoun_ny, @tesha_vintage , @tisjadamenlingerie, @orseund_iris

A new understanding of beauty, that goes along an unmodified concept of the body has taken over the industry. Celebrating the uniqueness of each body, its shape, color, form and marks, is now influencing concepts of lingerie as well. A focus on transparency, new constructions and purposefully imperfect assembling methods are exploiting the repertoire of pattern-making to precisely match the shape of more diversified silhouettes. The trend is more about adapting garments to the body than forcing bodies to meet specific standards of clothing constructions. Defining Beauty is all about re-establishing the concepts behind aesthetic and social pressures on women and their appearance and matches the undeniable change in female self-love and empowerment.

Moonlight Myths

Credits: @justacorpse_official, @studio.pia, @lorettelingerie, @studio.pia, @justacorpse_official / Credits: @bimbyandroy , @delanikka , @maisonlouve_ , @lorettelingerie, @emilyfrancesbarrett

Myth and Magic are in the air. With a woken sense of spirituality, consumers are trying to redefine their own purpose in life, understand alternative possibilities of healing and helps them to meet their longing for dreams and surrealism to escape the reality. For lingerie this means exploring the repertoire of symbolism linked to holistic alchemist rites and witchcraft to visually capture holistic magic concepts. At the same time, indulgent materials such as velvet, sheers and glooming sparkles are becoming more and more relevant. Other details, linked to mythical extra-terrestrial themes, the moon and the stars similarly ignite a shimmering sense of the unknown and magical and have our consumers dreaming.

Ecclectic Maximalists

Credits: @parade , @saboulder, @marianne_theodorsen ,@kriziarobustella, @shirleytang<br /> Credits: @houseofsunny , @bimbyandroy , @fruitybootyunderwear, @aunecollections, @bluebella

After seasons of sweatpants, the first post-lockdown seasons have begun to be boosting with creativity and eclectic experimentalism again. Underwear is similarly benefiting from a more maximalist and bold make-over now. There is an evident wave of products, that exploit the full spectrum of colors, shapes, materials and styles and question the common ideas on good taste. From boosting hyper-brights to various interpretations of shiny and glittering surfaces, the palette for this trend is making a statement itself. Shapes are loudly experimenting with unexpected forms via ruffles, cone or wired understructures for bras and form-finding drapes. The use of embellishments is intensified and dressy-staples like feathers, rhinestones, fringes and flounces are all contributing to this new mash-up style mix.

Indulgent Delicacies

Credits: @maisonlouve_ , @tarynwinterslingerie, @tarynwinterslingerie, @zara, @garmentory / Credits: @ laperlalingerie , @atelierbordelle, @nanajacqueline_ ,@laperlalingerie ,@tarynwinterslingerie

Boudoir themes have popped-up during the end of the lock-down period. Since they incorporate a stay-at-home, yet dressed and glamorous appeal, these styles match the current needs of the market. Indulging in luxurious materials is adding a delicate touch and sophistication of style. Inspired by pearls and iridescent surfaces, the new boudoir look is spiced up by a more dreamy and mesmerizing edge. With an overall look full of soft elegance, lustrous shine, indulgent femininity and rich decadence, this style direction feels as dreamy as consumers desire these days. While being loaded with glamorous and luxurious elements, the new boudoir look masters to remain grounded and does not feel overcharged or excessively exaggerated.

Storytelling underneath.

The new lingerie concepts are showing how the next seasons will continuously embrace intimates as a tool for storytelling and as a means to outlay new ideas and concepts on femininity and beauty. The idea of self-expression and sustainability are embedded as new core values.  They are impacting styles by offering surprising, updated looks that reach beyond the previous seasons’ need for safe and more traditional underwear aesthetics. Make statements and make a change with next lingerie lines and benefit from the categories’ new versatile and hybrid opportunities.

26 September 2021